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Expo 2010 will be held in Shanghai, China and is a scheduled World Expo in the grand tradition of international fairs and expositions. The theme of the exposition will be “Better City – Better Life” and signifies Shanghai’s new status in the 21st century as a major economic and cultural center. It is expected to generate the largest number of visitors in the history of the world’s fairs in terms of gross numbers. The expo Logo features the chinese character 世 ‘world’ modified to represent three people together with the 2010 date.

The Expo will take place from May 1–October 31, 2010.

Mecca will Show Tent Town in Expo 2010

What is the concept of “300,000 people living in 4 km2?” It means that 45 people live in a small house about 60 m2 in shanghai! It sounds impossible, but the Saudis can make it. Saudi Arabia will show Mecca’s innovative urban practice to the world through the “Mecca tent town”, and display how Mecca solves the housing problem of 300,000 people in the area less than 4 km2.

Mecca is a global famous Holy City of Islam. There are about 2,520,000 pilgrims visited Saudi Arabia this year, but only a few of them can live in hotels in Mecca. During the past ten years, the government spent 25 billion (about RMB 45.5 billion according to current exchange rate) to solve this problem. They built a “Mecca tent town” with 40,000 tents for millions of people, which is the biggest tent town in the world. All basic living facilities in the town are available, as well as modern communication equipments. What’s more, special hood fabric is used in these tents, which is proof against fire, wind, corrosion and skid with a lifetime of 25 years.

In the case of “Mecca tent town”, each tent will be copied as the genuine one within the ratio of 1∶1. The whole display will be carried out according to the urban planning of the town. Visitors will enjoy its total model, short documentary of the pilgrimage history, the program of “the Future Holy City” and so on.

So far, the special hood fabric has safely arrived in shanghai from Saudi Arabia and is currently installed. “Mecca tent town” will be completed and open to the public as scheduled.

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Commercial Investment Group Sponsors Expo 2010

On Dec. 30th, an agreement was signed between Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau and Shanghai Commercial Investment Co. Ltd. Thus Commercial Investment Group officially became a business credit card subject sponsor of Expo 2010. Vice minister of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau Chen Xianjin, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of Shanghai Chen Kai, vice chairman of Shanghai State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission Chen Xiaohong, the president of Commercial Investment Group Shi Lei and other guests attended the signing ceremony.

Expo business credit card is a kind of intelligent card suitable for commercial (service) small payments, and is safe, prompt and easy to carry. It will adopt the technique of Contactless Smart Card with independent smart card IC built-in. Due to contactless payment, it just need only a few seconds to complete a transaction payment, and the speed of payment clearing increased many times comparing to existing electronic payment cards.

Relevant principal of Commercial Investment Group said that the Expo Commercial Card would introduce HAIBAO pendant, U-disk and other forms beside card, thus it was easy to carry. Most typically, it could be reused and connected with computer to recharge on the net directly without other specialized equipment.

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Expo 2010 is Waiting for You!

When fireworks on Huangpu River and bells on the Bund jointly knocked at “the door of 2010”, the international city Shanghai entered into “the Expo Year”. Jan 1st was just 120 days to the Shanghai World Expo. People of the “city of the Expo” spent their first day with pleasure and anticipation.

“2010 is waiting for you, and welcome to Shanghai!” thousands of young people cried out in chorus at Huangpu River band at dawn. A representative of Expo volunteers Zhang Yijiao said, “In 2010, the world gives us a chance, and we will perform a wonder in return for it. Like Zhang, there are hundreds of thousands of Chinese and foreigners plumping for Expo volunteers.

At the new fashion place mark “New World”, the celebration for the one-year countdown has just been over. Sanitation men, who wore blue uniforms, began their labor of a new day at 4 o’clock while most people were still in slumber. Likewise, when netizens who stayed up late clicked on the welcome page of easyday.com, a local web of Shanghai, they heard the greeting from over 30 major webs — “2010, the wonderful Expo with you all.”

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English Version of the Expo Online Was Launched

On Jan.1st, 2010, Shanghai World Expo officially launched the English Version of the Expo Online, and added 48 3-D appearances of the online pavilions at the same time. As one of the Expo’s two highlights, the Expo Online presents the whole Expo site on the net by using 3-D virtual reality technology, which has an area of 3.28 km2 and more than 150 pavilions, so global netizens can surf www.expo.cn to experience the Expo venues’ intricate conception and profound culture in advance before the Expo opening, as well as the pomp of the Expo without stepping out of doors.

Since its formal running on Nov.11th, 2009, the Expo Online has attracted attention all over the world. 48 3-D pavilions’ appearances which were launched this time added some national pavilions, international participants’ pavilions and corporate pavilions of Asia, Africa, Europe and America. In addition, there were more appearances of the cases from the Urban Best Practice Area. So far, the number of the online pavilions’ appearances has 92 in total, each of which has various viewpoints

It is reported that from late January 2010, the Expo Online will also gradually open theme pavilions, domestic pavilions, as well as more national pavilions and international participants’ pavilions. By then, users can enter the pavilions to see the exciting content of the Expo. All online pavilions will be completed and presented to the world together with the physical Expo in May 2010.

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Yao Ming and Jackie Chan Appear in the Shanghai World Expo Floats

On next New Year’s Day, the NBA basketball Star Yao Ming, the famous movie star Jackie Chan, and other stars will appear in the Shanghai World Expo float for the 121st American Roses Parade, and jointly invite visitors all over the world to participate in the Expo 2010.

There is only few days left from New Year’s Day, and the Shanghai World Expo float has been decorated in a float workshop in Los Angeles suburb. The float of Shanghai World Expo, with a hundred thousand of flowers decorated eventually, is 16.8 meters in length, 5.5 meters in height and its highest part is 13.7 meters. Besides, another Shaanxi float named “Dancing with Qin Warriors”, whose fabrication has been in the endgame, will join in together.

Lu Qiang, deputy director of the Shanghai World Expo Working Committee, told to the author that they would invite the Shanghai World Expo Ambassador Yao Ming, famous Hong Kong Kung Fu star Jackie Chan, American baseball legend Winfield, and the General Representative of America Pavilion Villarreal for invitation to all visitors. Their signing programs have completed, but it is still unknown whether Yao will mount the float for the whole parade, since his foot injury has not yet recovered.

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Robot Chorus Will Debut in Sweden Pavilion in Expo 2010

There will be a chorus of 22 robots with different shapes and sizes – Absolut Chorus in Sweden Pavilion in 2010, who will present a harmonious but super-realistic voice synthesis by cooperation between human and robots. It is a creative blend of sophisticated technology and music with the support of voice synthesis and artificial intelligent software in the backstage. This idea comes from Absolut Vodka, a sponsor of Sweden pavilion.

From May 1st to Oct. 31st, 2010, Absolut Vodka will operate Absolut Chorus’s debut in china. Visitors can enjoy cocktails made by Vodka after visiting the pavilion.

Sweden Pavilion of shanghai World Expo, with a total area of 3,000 square meters, is composed of normal exhibition, VIP area, shops, information kiosk, office area and staff area. Absolut Vodka is not only one of the up-market spirits with the biggest selling in the world, but also the world No. 1 high-class vodka.

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Shanghai World Expo Peru Pavilion Handover Signing Ceremony Held

On Dec. 28th, Peru Pavilion transfer memorandum signing ceremony was held in Shanghai World Expo Site. Huang Jianzhi, deputy director of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau, presented the ceremony and delivered the pavilion’s key to Harold Forsyth, the Peruvian Ambassador to China.

Peru Pavilion, located in C05 of the Pudong zone near to skywalk, is a rented pavilion with an area of 1000 square meters. As the theme of the pavilion, “the factory of food, the womb of city” will encircle Peru’s contribution to world dietary and its diversiform gastronomic heritage, especially stressing on the city evolution from ancient till now.

The ancient Inca Peru lies in South America, and has always been known for its rich tourism interests. Except for conventional tour, the unusual Peruvian delicacy is increasingly the new force to promoting the country’s tourism development. Over the centuries, it has a world-wide reputation since it is delicious, varied and unique.

During the Expo, visitors can taste miscellaneous Peruvian cuisine, as well as Peru’s symbolic historic heritage – Inca mysterious city Machu Picchu. The National Day of Peru Pavilion has been set on July 28th, 2010. During the Shanghai World Expo, “free taste Peruvian food” and other activities will be held.

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The Sixth “Shanghai World Expo and Rule of Law” Forum was Held

On Dec. 26th, the Sixth “Shanghai World Expo and Rule of Law” Forum, jointly organized by Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau, the People’s Procuratorate of Shanghai, the Law Society of Shanghai, was held in Shanghai. Its theme is “City and Rule of Law”. Over 300 guests gathered together and made suggestions on the work of preparations for the Expo 2010 and perfection city legalization.

Han Zhubing, the president of the Law Society of china, said in his speech that the annual “Shanghai World Expo and Rule of Law” Forum aimed at prospective study to major legal issues involved in the preparation for Shanghai World Expo and provided advice for it, hence it played an positive role in disseminating the Expo ideas and enlarging the impact of the Expo.

Yang Xiong, member of the Standing Committee and executive vice mayor, said that significant progress was made in preparation for the Shanghai World Expo in 2009, since all work had been approved by people and parties related, especially the construction of rule of law.

Zhou Hanmin, vice-chairperson of Shanghai Political Consultative Congress, indicated that city legalization was a major form of human legal civilization under the trend of rapid urbanization.

Chen Xun, the procurator-general of the People’s Procuratorate of Shanghai, pointed out that procuratorial organs would closely focus on “safe Expo”, and provide legal service and protection for successful Expo 2010.

Wang Zejian, famous specialist in civil law and professor of law in Taiwan University, believed that civil law was the foundation of better city life.

Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council and committee of the Shanghai World Expo organizing committee Yuan Shuhong, the president of the Law Society of Shanghai Wu Guangyu, and other guests attended and addressed the event.

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Shanghai World Expo Center was Completed

On Dec. 25th morning, the permanent building Expo Center, one of the “One Axis and Four Pavilions”, which was built by Shanghai World Expo Group, was formally completed.

Han Zheng, vice-Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Yang Xiong, member of the Standing Committee and executive vice mayor, and other over 600 guests were present in the completion ceremony. Han Zheng pressed the button of the completion, and Yang Xiong handed out the certificate of Three Stars of GBT to Dai Liu, the chairman of Shanghai World Expo Group.

The Expo Center, located in the Expo Park of the Expo Site B Zone, has a total construction area of 142,000 square meters. With full function, complete support, environment friendliness and technological innovation, it will be a new bright city mark of Shanghai. During the Expo, it will be an important place for receiving the heads of state and holding celebrations or conference.

The Expo Center is a “green and low carbon” building conforming to Chinese and international standard, which sets three “world No.1”. It’s the first Expo building that has applied for LEED Gold, the first one that has got Three Stars of GBT and passed pre-validation of LEED Gold at the same time at home and abroad; as well as the largest public building of those new buildings that have got Three Stars of GBT and has applied for LEED Gold.

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Expo 2010 is Rated as a Top Travel Destination

According to the Associated Press, Shanghai World Expo had recently been rated as a top travel destination by the world’s largest independent travel publisher Lonely Planet, and the other selected projects included the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in February next February and the World Cup of South Africa in July.

Lonely Planet said in the comment that the activities people looking forward to most next year included Shanghai World Expo, enjoying the total solar eclipse in Easter Island, experiencing Peking to Paris Rally, touching the World Cup of South Africa, going to Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan, India, making a pilgrimage in Santiago, Spain and so on.

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Santa Claus Showed Up in the Finland Pavilion of Expo 2010

From Dec. 24th to 26th, Santa Claus from the Ear Mountain, Lapland Area, North Finland is having a Christmas festival in Superbrand Mall in Pudong New Area, where a miniature photographic exhibit about Christmas traditions in Finland and Finland Pavilion is being held. Visitors can pose with Santa and have chances to get limited cards sent by Santa personally.

The exhibition introduces the Santa Claus Post Office in the Arctic Circle of Lapland, Finland, Santa’s busy life, the country’s culture and economy, Finland Pavilion of Expo 2010 and so on. At the scene, white-bearded Santa Claus is quite popular, whether adults or children are vying to greet Santa Claus and take pictures with him, and Santa smiles and satisfies them.

Santa Claus plans a full timetable in China. On 21st, he paid a visit to Fenfangchunlei primary school which is located in the quake-hit region of Guanghan, Sichuan and is constructed by Finland community in china. He also sent children blessing from the Arctic Circle of Finland. On 22nd afternoon, Santa Claus visited Finland Pavilion and China Pavilion in the World Expo Site; on 23rd afternoon, he joined children of Shanghai Song Chingling Kindergarten in Qingpu District in celebrating Christmas, and presented each of them a unique Christmas gift – Moomin, an illustrated storybook written by Tove Jansson, a much-loved Finnish writer.

During Shanghai World Expo next year, Santa will appear in Finland Pavilion to meet visitors all over world.

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German to Show “Passive House” in Shanghai World Expo

Shanghai World Expo has entered a countdown to the opening. As the only exhibition city that build an independent Expo Hall in the Urban Best Practice Area, the Hamburg city of German will display a “passive energy-saving house” with the best environmental protection technology level. After the World Expo, this building “passive house” will be transferred to Shanghai to use continually, to serve as the witness of the friendship between Hamburg and Shanghai.

In addition to the German museum exhibition out of Germany, Hamburg is Germany’s sole city to participate in Shanghai World Expo and show architectural works. If the whole project would be successfully completed at the end according to the original plan, then the “Hamburg House” will be the first “passive house” being certified in China. It shows us that even people in big cities like Shanghai can also build energy-efficient houses up to 90%.

During the Expo, Hamburg will also present various colorful activities to fully display Hamburg style. In this regard, the Marketing Manager of Hamburg Kausch said, “During the World Expo, the “Hamburg Day” of May 31 is the highlight among all activities of the “Hamburg House,” on which we will launch a variety of colorful activities. In addition, in the days (May 29-31) of Hamburg exhibition in the German pavilion, there are a lot of surprises going to be revealed to visitors.

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10 Pandas as Expo 2010 Friendship Messengers Coming to Shanghai

It’s reported that 10 giant pandas will come to Shanghai next year as friendship messengers of the Shanghai World Expo.

According to Zhang Xiwu, the director of Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management Division of the State Forestry Administration that these giant pandas will take part in the “Shanghai World Expo Panda Line” activities jointly organized by the State Forestry Bureau, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Sichuan Provincial People’s Government. Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department deputy inspector Zhang Shaorong said that these 10 giant pandas (five male and five female) were selected from the Wolong Giant Panda Protection Research Center, all of which were born in Ya’an Bifengxia base of the Wolong Giant Panda Protection Research Center of China after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake.

In order to have the domestic and overseas tourists visit the Expo giant pandas as they join in the Shanghai World Expo, it is scheduled that the Expo giant pandas will be arranged for exhibition in Shanghai zoo in Puxi in the first half year of 2010, and in the Shanghai Wild Animal Park in Pudong in the second half year of 2010. Tourists are allowed to see the giant pandas without additional tickets.

At present, the Shanghai Zoo, Shanghai Wild Animal Park has prepared the best park pavilion. According to prominent animal conservation and animal welfare requirements, they build or rebuild the Giant Panda Eco-Zone, of which Shanghai Zoo’s giant panda pavilion has been completed, and the Shanghai Wild Animal Park pavilion is under construction.

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96 Yangtze River Delta Expo 2010 Trail Tour Sites Came Out

The journalist learned from the popularization and launching ceremony of Expo 2010 Trail Tour yesterday that 96 Yangtze River Delta Expo 2010 Trail Tour Sites came out after the selection for more than two years.

Since its implementation in 2008, the project of “Yangtze River Delta Expo 2010 Trail Tour” selected 44 trail tour sites in 2008 and 52 in 2009. At the same time, the first three tourism routes of this trail tour have been set out formally in April 2009.

These serial popularizations of Yangtze River Delta Expo 2010 Trail Tour were jointly held by Shanghai Municipal Tourism Bureau, Tourism Administration of Jiangsu Province, Tourism Administration of Zhejiang Province and the Development and Research Center of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

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“Expo 2010 Forum•Water Tourism and City Life” was Held

On Dec.19th morning, “Expo 2010 Forum•Water Tourism and City Life” was held in Meilan Lake International Conference Center in Luodian, Baoshan District, Shanghai. Shanghai deputy mayor Zhao Wen, committee member of China National Tourism Administration and leader of Discipline Inspection Group Liu Jinping, president of China Communication and Transportation Association Qian Yongchang, deputy director for Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Zhu Yong Lei, director of Shanghai Tourism Association Dao Shuming and other heads of government attended the opening ceremony.

Around the theme of “Water Tourism and City Life”, guests jointly discussed the effect of Shanghai World Expo on urban industry and city life, actively offered recommendations for Shanghai on forging International Shipping Center, as well as accelerating the construction of Wusongkou International Cruise Port for Baoshan District. Delegates suggested that shanghai should promote water tourism development, which would not only be conducive to build the chain of yachts, boats, and shipping manufacturing industry, and propel modern service industry, but also would expand employment opportunities efficiently, so it the was expected to become the most potential rising industry of shanghai urban tourism.

Dao Shuming said that Expo 2010 was an opportunity for the development of tourism, especially for Water Tourism. Zhu Yonglei indicated that as the “Water portal” of Shanghai World Expo, Wusongkou International Cruise Port had been started at the end of 2008, which would be built into a functional grouping port with international large crude carrier as its core, and involving domestic cruise and yacht as well.

This forum was jointly organized by the Publicity Department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, Shanghai Port Authority, Municipal Tourism Administration, Economic Affairs Committee of Shanghai, and the People’s Government of Baoshan District. Forums, promotion and operation are the three major components of Expo 2010, which are the incarnation of ideas of Shanghai World Expo. Shanghai World Expo Forum is consisted of one summit forum, six theme forums and several public forums. By means of serial forums, the social will not only better understand the Expo, but also put forward many constructive opinions for promoting the Expo’s theme and building a better home.

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Shanghai World Expo Expects to Have Most Visitors

Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination said recently that Expo 2010 had sold about 11,800,000 tickets, meeting the periodical aim of 2009 ticket sales estimate ahead of schedule, so it was confidence to sell 70,000,000 tickets. Shanghai World Expo will be the one with the most visitors.

Scheduled for opening on May 1st, 2010, Shanghai World Expo is another international event held in China after Beijing Olympic Games. During the session of six months, it is expected to attract about 70,000,000 visitors. The ticket sale commenced on March 27th this year, specializing in group tickets; biphase tickets open to booking from July 1st to Dec. 31st, which are officially released to individuals with group tickets sales at the same time.

According to Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Ticket Center, the sales targets were enacted according to the advance tickets sales proportion of Aichi World Expo. Since the biphase ticket sales target was completed ahead of schedule, it is speculated with optimism that Shanghai World Expo will put through 70 million tickets with the exception of force majeure. Thus it will break the record of 64 million made in Osaka World Expo in 1970.

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Dragon TV Holds a New Year Gala to Welcome the World Expo

The New Year Gala of Shanghai City has begun counting down. Group of directors said to our reporters that three main venues will be No.1 City Landmark, the Bund, Oriental Plaza and Zikawei. The World Expo is the chief theme of the gala. Secretary of National Expo Department, World Expo said that Shanghai has the beautiful bund, so we should hold a New Year Gala which can compare to New York Times Square to welcome the World Expo.

The Gala will begin in 19:30, 31st, December and last for 4 and a half hours. There is a live on Dragon TV. The gala will connect live to Yao Ming and Jacky Chan who are the image ambassadors of the event to send their best wishes to the audience through the satellite. The tailor-made image advertisement by Zhang Yimou, a famous director will be the world premiere.

Old Parks change faces Quietly Star-raged Parks number 83

During rebuilding of old parks to welcome the World Expo, Shanghai and citylandscaping departments of its 18 districts has added fitness equipments, chairs and pavilions these entertainment facilities and personalized services to enhance layout, basic facilities, cultural contents and landscape and improved landscape builds effect and service. According to the latest statistics, there are 83 star-rated parks in the city which account 56.8% of 146 parks. Rebuilding shows the best park environment to citizens and tourists to develop the park’s social effects. All these are lastest news journalists got from Shanghai afforestation and city’s appearance management bureau.

Speed rebuilding of parks

For the old facilities in the old park, two related governments invested together to make a bigger step in order to examine and approve rebuild of the park. Update and renew accessibility facilities and service facilities and extend some venue for activities.

Improve science and technology contents

The economical landscape and gardening technology is the key of rebuilding.

Rhone-Alpes Present a Rose Garden to Shanghai in Expo 2010

In Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai’s sister city France Rhone-Alpes presented a rose garden with an area of 600-700 square meters, which would be the most idyllic place in the whole Urban Best Practice Area.

Located among Rhone Pavilion, Macau Pavilion, Alsace Pavilion and Hamburg Pavilion, the rose garden has a succinct design style, and it will show the most beautiful French classical and modern roses to visitors, where roses with different colors compose various color units. These France roses have arrived in Shanghai at the moment, and are waiting for blossom during Shanghai World Expo under specific cultivation by a French gardener.

Why did Rhone-Alpes select rose only as the gift to Shanghai? Chairman of Lyon Classical Rose Society Ms. Josiane Pierre told reporters that France roses were closely connected with China. Lyon is the European destination of the Silk Road. It used to have roses in white, pink, purple-red and other colors only. In late 18th and early 19th century, four Chinese roses in right-red and yellow were introduced to Lyon through the “Silk Road”, hence brought revolution to the variety of Lyon roses. In 1867, French rose growers developed the first modern rose, known as the “France”, which had genes of Chinese Rose. Two centuries later, the French cultivated more than 3,000 new varieties using Chinese “Ancestors” roses.

It is said that there will be eight rose nurseries participated in the project of Rose Garden in Shanghai World Expo. Rhone-Alpes hope to bestow these Chinese rose’s “offspring” to Shanghai, so as to commemorate the cultural exchanges and friendly cooperation with a long history of 23 years.

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Digital Photos Grand Prix organized by Shanghai World Expo Coordination

On Dec. 12th, the award ceremony of “Better City, Better Life, Better Art” — Recording “Impression of City” Digital Photos Grand Prix was held on EASTDAY.com. This match awarded 30 gold, silver, bronze medals and honorable mention. “Uncover Your Red Veil” created by Fan Shenghua won gold medal. Deputy Secretary of China Shanghai International Arts Festival Committee and CEO of China Shanghai International Arts Festival Center Chen Sheng attended the ceremony and presented the prize for gold winner.

This contest, jointly organized by Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination China Shanghai International Arts Festival Committee and EASTDAY.com, lasted for two and a half months from September to November. With the aid of varied stage presentations and lively public activities of greeting Expo 2010 and the 11th Shanghai International Arts Festival, it provided participants rich shoot subjects and a good platform to show their talents. Its presentations focused on 3 themes — life, city and art, demonstrating harmoniousness of life, enhancing the aesthetic perception of city and sharing art ambience. It has been cordially supported by many digit photographers and has attracted over 2000 art works. Judges comprising representatives from the sponsor and famous photographers in shanghai selected all awards. 

According to the committee, both art themes and shooting levels of award-winning works in this competition were much better than those of last year. They stuck closely to the subject, seized and recorded many details of city life, and developed strong city specialties, artistic air and cultural ambience.

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From Copenhagen to Shanghai

Climate Summit in Copenhagen is holding in Denmark and energy conservation and environmental protection are core elements of the whole summit. To achieve this, every country has moved their key study to high-technology of use of clean energies. As we known, “Better City Better Life” is the theme of 2010 Shanghai World Expo, so it may be the one which has highest scientific and technological contents. A lot of green energy conservation will be fully shown on the event.

There is only half a year left from the opening ceremony of the Expo. Reporters has been informed that venues’ constructions are going very well. Materials of the building of venus are selected strictly according to high taste, high quaility and energy conservation and environmental protection.

“Venues of the Expo gives free rein only to energy conservation.” a relatively principel told us. From constructions of venue to three seasons of the Expo, energy conservation and environmental protection are highly valued. On the occasion, vehicle exhaust will be zero released in the Expo Site and 1,000 automobiles of new energy will be responsible for transportation in the site.

Acutally, differdent contrustions of venues in the Expo pay special attentions to energy conservation and environmental protection. They use solar cells to realize power generation self-supplied. Windows of some venues will use double glasses with lower energy to save energy by 25%.

Line 7 of Shanghai Expo Express in trial operation in this year

A subway train with an orange wasitband ran into Jingansi Station, 10:20 A.M. yesterday. Staying for 2 minutes, this train contiunued running to the direction of the Dockyard Road. This is the new train for Line 7 which will be in trial operation. As the blueprint, construction of Line 7 has reached final sprint stage. Relative principal said that interval time will be around 7 and a half minutes and 28 stations among which 21 stations including Mulan Road Station finished.

All the stations are settled down the ground and have glass doors set. After the completion of Line 7, citizens living in Baoshan and Putuo Districts will spend much less time to the central area of the city. There are 11 transfers of Line 7.

Chinese Elements Become Highlight of Expo 2010

What elements of Shanghai World Expo are most attractive to overseas visitors? Recently a research “Shanghai World Expo in the foreigners’ eyes”, which is jointly organized by Shanghai Government Information Office and Shanghai Daily, shows the answer: Chinese element is highlight of Expo 2010 to foreigners. Meanwhile, about 58% of foreigners questioned in the survey believe that “Expo 2010 will have a positive influence on world economic development.”

In this research concretely administered by CTR (CVSC-TNS RESEARCH), the sample covers 44 countries all over the world; the average income per year for households surveyed reaches about $10 million, and their education levels focus on university and master degree or above, more than 30% of whom are senior managers.

Looking for business opportunities, particularly opportunities in China, is the main objective of foreigners, especially European and American. The research shows that this type of foreigners amount to about 27% (32.9% of European and American), and only 15% of visitors mainly aim to tourism – most of them are Asians.

The survey also shows that Shanghai World Expo will have a significant leading function on tourism in China, especially in the Yangtze River Delta region and Beijing. More than 30% of foreigners said they would stay in China for 10-15 days. Over 80% are interested in travelling in Shanghai while visiting Expo 2010; nearly 75% plan to travel in other cities of China, and 31% of them will go to Beijing.

As many foreigners consider Shanghai World Expo as an important opportunity to know about China, they regard the Expo more as “a grand gathering of cultural exchange and stage for new creativity” than “a science and technology display”, thus they pay more attention to China Pavilion (83.6%), then USA Pavilion (37.8%), Japan Pavilion (25.1%) and Hong Kong Pavilion (21.2%). Shanghai Joint-Corporate Pavilion (43%), China Mobile-China Telecom Pavilion (29.5%) and Japanese Corporate Pavilion (21.6%) ranks on the top three of Corporate Pavilions.

Transport (57.6%), environment (28.6%), and food safety (26.4%) are questions that foreigners worry most, and they concentrated on heavy traffic, air quality and food safety respectively.

The foreign community currently staying in China expressed great interest in being Shanghai World Expo volunteers, over 35% of whom are considering applications, 11% are desirous to become volunteers.

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Shanghai Expo Site is Off-Limits to Wireless MIC

During the lead time, exhibition session and dismantling period of Expo 2010, the Expo Site and its surrounding will impose radio management and control, therefore neither children’s remote-controlled toy nor guides’ wireless MIC are admitted into the Expo Site. In the first Expo military and civilian radio joint management and control drill held last week, people concerned in Shanghai Radio Regulatory Bureau said, Expo 2010 military and civilian radio joint management and control system has formed, and it would protect and manage radio safety during the Expo.

This joint exercise, aimed at the Shanghai World Expo, was led by Shanghai Radio Regulatory Bureau, with radio management organizations of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Nanjing Military Region and other relevant units participating in. In order to realize the sharing of technical infrastructure, overall planning of frequency resources reserve, unified configuration of safeguard power, centralized and classified disposition of emergency events, it takes a way of unified command, military and linkage civilian interaction, and the Yangtze River Delta action in coordination focusing on the radio frequency security and equipments management and control. After this exercise with troops, installing and field, the whole Expo 2010 military and civilian radio joint management and control system formed.

It is learned that the city will hold another three large-scale wireless security drills before the Expo opening, as well as an “air water and land” three-dimensional monitoring drill, which can provide reliable basis and experience for radio quick response and emergency disposal during the Expo.

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Madrid Street Radiates Shanghai Expo Elements

Recently, a Christmas tree with Shanghai Expo theme attracted lots of pedestrians in the street of Madrid, Spain.

This large Christmas tree, located on the Spain Square of Madrid downtown, not only had the symbol of Madrid’s entry for the Urban Best Practice Area of Expo 2010 - La Casa de Bambú & Arbol Bioclimático, but also had been strung with the emblem of Expo 2010, that is why the passing crowds stopped to watch.

What is more, the theme for the traditional “Three Kings Parade” of Madrid on Jan. 5th, 2010 is the novel of Verne — “Around the World in Eighty Days.” The hero Fogg once arrived in Hong Kong, so there will be a “dance of dragons”, which means Madrid’s participation in Shanghai World Expo, with a strong tinge of Asian Civilization in the parade.

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Shanghai Releases 55 World Expo Routes in the Yangtze River Delta

Shanghai will seize the opportunity of hosting the World Expo next year to attract the audience to go to enjoy it and visit Shanghai by interacting the tourism activities and the events in the Expo venue. In order to extend the influence of the World Expo, Shanghai has released 55 routes in the Yangtze River Delta and 44 demonstrative sites of experimental tours of the event.

Reportedly, all the tourism activities in Shanghai next year will echo and act in cooperation with the events in the Expo site to fascinate guests to explore the great city. At the same time, cooperation between Shanghai and related cities in the Yangtze River Delta will be enhanced to build competitive tourism products and enlarge the influence of 2010 World Expo. Evaluated by exports from tourism industry, guests going to the World Expo and organized by travel agencies will account for 25%-30% among 700 million viewers of Shanghai World Expo. By far, there are 55 World Expo routes in the Yangtze River Delta released and 44 demonstrated sites of exploration tour to the World Expo settled. They all serve as guides for travel agencies to release new routes about the events.

Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, Zhaowen attended the relevant forum yesterday.

College Students Collecting Smiles to Bless Expo 2010

On Dec. 13th, the third “Festival Walk” University Student Marketing Contest issued the order of “collecting smiles”, 6 groups of qualifiers for final contest collected smiles from crowds on site and photographed to express good wishes for Expo 2010.

Six teams from Fudan University, Tongji University and Shanghai Finance University standed out of hundreds of teams. Students of different specialties, such as advertising, accounting, finance, broadcasting and television, exerted their professional knowledge and attracted most public attention.

On the crowded platform 2, where the Shanghai Finance University team held the activity, many people held bundles of used books and magazines. It turned out that in order to involve more people, the students of this team distributed leaflets on campuses and in communities, as well as on the street. At that proposal, people donated used books, took smiling pictures and put them in the books, so as to convey the blessing of “Better City, Better Life” to children in the disaster areas of Wenchuan Earchquake.

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Expo 2010 Focus

As the first registered exhibition organized by a developing country, Shanghai World Expo has several important features of developing countries.

Firstly, it reflects on its theme “Better City, Better Life”. As people all over the world considered, this World Expo is just a live problem of “How developing countries continue the model of urban development.” Secondly, more than 5,000 years of China civilization has written a history of urban development, from which we can learn a lot. Thirdly, China’s successful bidding for the World Expo gives many developing countries great encouragement. Since China won the bid to host Expo 2010, another developing country competes with developed countries for Expo 2015, so is an African country recognized to compete for the exhibition in 2012.

Therefore, there will be many focuses in this Expo. First of all, it has a theme of worldwide attention — “Better City, Better Life”, which is also the first time that Expo has taken “City” as its theme in World Expo history. There are another five sub-themes, namely blending of diverse cultures in the city, economic prosperity in the city, innovations of science and technology in the city, remodelling of communities in the city, and interactions between urban and rural areas. All of them are intended to explore ways of improving the city own capabilities, shaping the harmonious relationships of urban and rural areas as well as the city and natural environment.

The Urban Best Practice Area (UBPA) is another highlight of Expo 2010, which not only displays innovative and valuable urban practice plans created by global most representative metropolises in order to improve the quality of urban life, but also provides a platform for discussion of city management and development. So it is both an exhibition zone and an exhibit; it is the content as well as the means of the theme development.

In addition, though the World Expo has a history of more than150 years, it has been displayed in the manner of physical venues. In the information age, Shanghai World Expo pioneerly introduced “Expo Shanghai Online” to spread the concept of the Expo, and amplify Expo effect on a broader and larger scale. By application of three dimensional virtual reality and multimedia technology, Expo Shanghai Online represents the Expo Site and pavilions in it on the net, so global netizen can visit the Expo Site and pavilions without stepping out of doors. Making Shanghai World Expo to be the “Never Ending World Expo” was considered as “an innovation in World Expo history” by International Bureau of Exhibitions. It has been available for a preview of the Expo on Nov. 12th, and will open English version in January 2010.

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Expo Reporting Alliance is Launched

“More Reporting, Better Expo 2010•Expo Reporting Alliance Launching Ceremony & Expo 2010 Propagation Summit” was held on Dec. 11st morning. Standing committee member of Shanghai Municipal Committee and head of the Publicity Department Yang Zhenwu, deputy director of Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Hu Wei, vice chairman of shanghai people’s political consultative Qian Jinglin, deputy head of the Publicity Department of The Shanghai Municipal Committee and director of Municipal Information Office Song Chao launched Expo Reporting Alliance together.

Song Chao indicated in his speech that as an important propagandistic element in Expo 2010, media reporting should construct an active public opinion environment, a happy cultural environment, a harmonious social environment, a vibrant innovative milieu and a ordered open environment for a successful Expo.  

Expo Reporting Alliance consists of more than 50 media, including Shanghai Evening Post, Yangtse Delta News Edit Center of Xinhua News Agency, China Youth Daily, Nanfang City News and so on. It aims at striving to create a classic reporting platform for Expo 2010 by making full use of the media, so that people all over the world can get messages of Expo 2010 instantly.

At the ensuing Expo 2010 Propagation Summit, those media reached consensus and made the alliance declaration.

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BC Pacific Expo Venue Theme Card is Launched

On December 8, Bank of Communications (BC) formal launched the Pacific Expo venue theme card in Shanghai. This is the first set of UnionPay standard debit cards on the theme of Shanghai World Expo venues with a limited edition of 500,000.

It is reported that the Pacific Expo venues green card is made of a new type of biodegradable material, which interprets the intentions of Expo 2010’s “ecomagination,” encouraging new living ideas and concepts in use of the cards.

The surface patterns of the Pacific World Expo venues card is designed with the major permanent buildings within the Expo Site — Four Pavilions along the Central Axis. They refer to the Expo Axis, China Pavilion, Theme Pavilions, Expo Center, and Expo Performance Center, all of which comprise a set of cards.

The Pacific World Expo venues card has only been issued for 500,000 copies. On the back of each card, there is a unique serial number for collections. With a set of refined Expo commemorative card copies as the gift for customers, the card becomes one of best Expo collections.

Bank of Communications has designed special acticities for the World Expo venues cardholders who consuming by the Expo card may get the chance to win Expo tickets. It also plans to introduce value-added services for the merchants in the World Expo area.

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