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book 2 train tickets from Suzhou Industrial Park Station to Shanghai Railway Station

Dear Sales manager,


I am a visitor from Singapore.


I am interested to book 2 train tickets from Suzhou Industrial Park Station to Shanghai Railway Station on 9th Apr 2013 (time 12:51)


May i know how do you deliver the tickets to me, since Ticket delivery is available within mainland China only.


Is it possible to deliver it to my hotel in suzhou, Worldhotel Grand Dushulake Suzhou which i will staying from 6th to 9th Apr 2013?



Dear *,


We can deliver the tickets to your hotel in Suzohu!


Please go ahead with the booking, we will send the tickets to your hotel on time!



Tavelling by train or any other public transports from Shanghai to Xiamen in August 2013

Dear Sir,
Please provide me the following informations:
Tavelling by train or any other public transports from Shanghai to Xiamen in August 2013.
What is the travelling time and cost for travelling from Shanghai to Xiamen.
How to purchase the train ticket.
Thanks & Regards.,

Dear *,


Please check and book your train ticket via:



Train travel from Kunming to Lijiang

I would like to travel from Kunming to Lijiang on 23/5 & return on the 26/5.
1)  Can I know the train time table listed in your website is it reliable or it will have changes when it comes to a nearer date?
2) the price for soft sleeper is 61, can I know is this in USD or RMB
3) Can I know how punctual is the train?
4) My son is 11 years old, is it consider child fare? If yes, how much is the ticket?

Visiting Shanghai

Bumped into ur blog while browsing for more info about Shanghai.
I need to know if bringing any apple product such as iPhone, iPad and Macbook will not be a problem in China, particularly in Shanghai.
I’ve heard some saying that iPhone is not allowed to bring to Shenchen… I mean you can bring in but later during exit you will face some problem, is that really true?

Beijing to Tianjin South Request

1. We would like to go from Beijing (south) to Tianjin (south) on Wednesday, March 20.

2. What is the difference between D335 and G33 (other than the time)?

3. We would choose First Class.
Will it be difficult to put our luggage onto the train?

4. We leave for Beijing in 6 days.
How do we get our tickets if we pay by credit card?

5. Do you have any other advice or instructions?

Thank you!

Dear *,


It’s easy to put your luggage onto the train and the difference between G and D, G is faster and Higher technology!



You can book the train tickets via our website and we will deliver the tickets to your hotel!





If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us



I’d like travel from Shanghai to Beijing by the train


I’d like travel from Shanghai to Beijing by the train. I’d like to travel by bussines class, especialy in sightseeing area with bussines class seats.
Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea what kind of ticket should I book, because on your site there is only ticket for sightseeing area, without specification if it is bussines or deluxe seats.
Does it means that VIP sightseeing seats has bussines class seats, not deluxe from 1st Class?
So, could you please help me with my problem? I would like to travel by train instead of the plane, but still in comfort.
Thank you

Dear **,


I am glad to help you!


The VIP Sightseeing Seats mean Sightseeing with Business class! The seat is same as business class as the flight, more comfortable I think!


Please finish you booking thought



Booking train tickets from Kunming to Lijiang


Can I know what currency did you charge in your train tickets booking form?
Any service charge?
Do you provide delivery of train tickets to the Kunming hotel?

Dear ***,


Please book your tickets from Kunming to Lijiang from our website!


We will deliver the tickets to your hotel in Kunming later after we get the tickets!



Train Ticket Booking


I’m an New Zealand travelling to Shanghai on 25th Dec 2012,staying at Holiday Inn Express
1738 Zhongxing Road,Zhabei for 3 nights,checking out 28th,and wanting to travel by train –
2nd class,G14,leaving Shanghai 10am,arriving Beijing 2.55pm,and then travelling back on
Wed 2nd Jan 2013,2nd class,G13,departing Beijing 10am,arriving Shanghai 2.55pm.Staying the night back at the Holiday Inn Express and then flying out to New Zealand the following day – 3rd Jan 2013.
Can I book these tickets via your web page,using the above hotel name and address for ticket deliveries in Shanghai.
If so,do the tickets get delivered to the Holiday Inn Express waiting for my arrival,and therefore pick up from reception.
How soon can I book these tickets ?

Nanchang-Guangzhou Train

Subject: Nanchang-Guangzhou Train

Message Body:
We are thinking about taking the train from Nanchang to Guangzhou with our 3 year old son. I think the soft sleeper rooms usually have 4 people. Do we need to book 4 tickets in order to have the whole room for our family?

train ticket to Jinhua

Dear Sirs,

I was advice from my hotel at which I would stay from 25th of November to book train tickets from you.

I would like to buy two train tickets (soft seat) from Shanghai to Jinhua West.

Train number D97 for 26th of November.

Itinerary Details (list all stations passed by):


Train Stations





Second/First/Super Class Seat
(Price in CNY/RMB)


Shanghai Hong-qiao

Day 1






Songjiang South

Day 1







Day 1






Hangzhou South

Day 1







Day 1






Jinhua West

Day 1





Delivery address is


If you can do it I can send you copy of our passports.

Because I know that to buy train tickets should be presented ID or passport.

Also for me it is important to know additional charges which I will pay to you.

Hope to receive positive reply.
Best regards

Please book your train tickets though following link:

Once we got the payment, we will deliver the tickets to your hotel in Shanghai about 3 days in advance!


Please feel free to let me know if you have any question!

If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


Ticket Shanghai – Hefei – Shanghai

Subject: Ticket Shanghai - Hefei - Shanghai 

Message Body:
I was booking a ticket for Nov 26th but I understood the delivery of the ticket is to an adress in China ( in  my case the hotel) Is that correct or I can book it by internet and it is sended to my e mail?

Thanks and best regards,

Dear ***,

We will deliver the tickets to your. Hotel in shanghai, in china we
have the paper tickets only!


Booking Of Train Tickets Shanghai to Hong Kong

Subject: Booking Of Train Tickets Shanghai to Hong Kong

Message Body:
Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to buy two train tickets for the train from Shanghai to Hong Kong on 30th of December 2012.

However to apply for a Chinese visa From Germany I need a receipt to verify my travel route.

Will I get one if I order the tickets via your agency!?

Thank you by much in advance for your assistance!

Best Regards,

Dalian-Beijing train tickets

Dear Sirs!

I am planning my family trip to China. We are going to fly to Dalian on September 19. We will leave Dalian on September 28th by the train Z81/Z80 to Beijing.

Will it be possible that you buy 3 soft sleeper tickets within one compartment to the mentioned above train for us? How many days prior to the train departure you can buy the tickets? What do you need to perform such purchase order ?

Will you send the tickets to our Dalian hotel before our arrival to Dalian or during our staying in the hotel? Which station in Beijing does a train No Z81/Z80 come to? If it comes to the Main Train Station which way (method) is more reliable and fast for transfer to Terminal 2 of Beijing airport? (Please pay attention to necessity of mentioned above transfer should be done during morning rush-hours!) How long does it take to transfer to the airport? How much does it cost for adult?

By the way, could you tell me the rules of checking -in procedure for international flights in Beijing airport? I want to know the time when chek-in ends before the departure time.

Thank you in advance!


Dear ***,


We can book 3 soft sleepers in one cabin for you! And we can deliver them to your hotel in Dalian in advance!


It takes about one hour from Beijing Train station to Beijing Airport terminal 2!


You need check in 2 hours in advance before the departure time!


You need book the tickets 15 days in advance with

Please feel free to let me know if you still have any question!



Inquiry for Shanghai to Hangzhou

My family and myself (total 4 pax) will be arriving to Shanghai Pudong International Airport on 21st May 1805 hrs. Can you quote for pickup from airport to Hong qiao railway station and also bullet train tickets for 4 to Hangzhou?

Hi, ***,


It’s 600RMB for the Minivan transfer service from Shanghai PVG to Hongqiao Railway Station! And the train tickets is as following link:


You need choose the train departs from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station after 8:00PM!


You may book them online!



Thanks for the information.
Can you advise if the train ticket price given is in USD or SG? Would there be a discount for 4 tickets purchases and how I can collect the tickets?

Dear ***,


Our driver will deliver the tickets for you hand by hand at the airport!


The price is in USD, and we are sorry for we can not offer any discount for your tickets reservation!


Please let me know if you still have any question!



Shanghai Day trip from Shanghai Pudong Airport

Subject: Shanghai Day trip from Shanghai Pudong Airport

Message Body:
We are travelling on July 12 and have 12 hours stopover , (arriving 6am)to spend visting Shanghai. We would love to do a Day trip from Shanghai Pudong Airport. What do you recommend ? We are 2 adults and a baby. We would like to know what a popular options ( not shopping focus, more sightseeing)for the day and how much it is likely to cost ? We are on a budget and are looking for good value.

Dear Ali,

If you would like book the day trip with us, I recommend the following

1, Shanghai Yuyuan Garden

2, Shanghai Museum

3, Xintiandi

4, Nanjing road Walking Street and The Bund

5, Shanghai World Finical Centre

6, Back to the Airport!

It’s ***USD including the driver, car and Guide service! Entrance fee not


Hi, Im interested to know how many hours this will take including airport transfers, as we have 12 hours from flight arriving and departure, not 12 hours sightseeing. Also, is there a less expensive option ?

We may not go to the World financial centre.
We can be interested in local good restaurants instead ?

Are child restraints available for the car ? We need one.

Thanks and awaiting your reply.

Dear ***,


Yes, this is for 8 to 10 hours day trip!


200USD including transportation and Guide service! It’s best price we can offer!


We do not have child restraints in Shanghai, but our driver and guide will take care of your baby!


Our guide will arrange the good restaurant for you!


Please feel free to let me know if you still have any question!




Please advise the fastest route from Shanghai to Wenzhou in China

Please advise the fastest route from Shanghai to Wenzhou in China

04 Jun at approx 11h00.

Please can you also advise costings and cabin classes.



Dear Bev,

You may check the link with details! It is about 5 hours from Shanghai to Wenzhou and the first class cost 80USD!


If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


Please advise the fastest route from Shanghai to Wenzhou in China

04 Jun at approx 11h00.


Please can you also advise costings and cabin classes.




train from Shanghai to Nanjing


Our tourists will fly in Shanhai`s aeroport.

Could you help us and send us the way how they can reach from the aeroport to railway station to go from Shanghai to Nanjing by train?

Thank you!!!


С уважением,

Евграфова Алина

Специалист по организации командировок



Dear Sir,
We have the airport transfer to the train station service and the tickets reservation service!
The cost for the Airport transfer is 550RMB and you may book the train tickets with following link:

If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


Visiting China

We are planning on going to Shanghai and arriving on 9/1.  We are meeting our son there and they will probably be 4 or 5 in our party.  Our trip to Asia will last 8 days.  We were wondering how we can get the most out of our trip.  Should we spend 2 days in Shanghai and then on to Thailand or other interesting areas in Asia that aren’t too far away.  Don’t know too much about Asia and probably will never go back to we want to get the most out of this trip.  Can you help us.


Dear ***,
You may choose Shanghai for two days, and then Beijing for two days, two days in Xian! They are all best place in China!
If you have other two days maybe Hong Kong and Macau for two days! They all not far away!
Please check with that, if you have any question about traveling in China, please feel free  to let us know!

If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, that sounds could how much per person would the travel cost for these excusions? My son wants to visit the terracotta army in Xian Also, how would we travel? Are there Hilton hotels near by. My husband favors Hilton Hotels. How there guides available that speak English?

Dear ***,

We can offer the English Speaking Guide booking service for you!

In Shanghai, Beijing here is Hilton hotel! Xian, I am not so sure, but, I think there do have!


From Pudong Airport to New Harbour Service Apartment


I would like to know the cost of limo transfer for the above mentioned.

There will be four of us and we will arrive Shanghai Pudong airport on 4May 0900pm

Awaiting for your prompt reply.


Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android


Dear ***,
Could you please let me know how many people in your party?
The cost for the VW PASSAT is 500RMB, 6-PAX Minivan Buick GL8 is 650RMB, the Audi A6L is 700RMB!

If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


Train bookings Zhengzhou

Subject: train bookings Zhengzhou

Message Body:
Hi there
I used your service last year to book trains in Shanghai and wondered if you could book some tickets for trains in Zhengzhou, but send them to a hostel in Shanghai?
There are two journeys first class
Passengers Mark Rickards and Roger Law
Wednesday 25th April D1003 Zhengzhou 11.25 arrive Luoyang Longmen 12.06
return same day G2008 Luoyang Longmen 16.00 arrive Zhengzhou 16.35
Thursday 26th April
D124 Zhengzhou 11.07 arrive Anyang 12.29
return same day D135 Anyang 16.22 arrive Zhengzhou 17.50
Tickets to be delivered to the Mingtown E-tour No.55, Jiangyin Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai no later than Thursday 19th April.
I am happy to provide passport no and payment details once you can confirm the availability and prices.
Thanks very much

Dear ***,
Nice to hearing from you again!
Here is no problem with the tickets delivering to your hostel in Shanghai!
But D1003 departs Zhengzhou at 13:44, the D1001 departs Zhenzhou to Luoyang at 11:25!!! (The new schedule! our data is old data, the time is wrong on our website!) Please book any one on our website and let us know the train number by email!
The G2008 from Luoyang to Zhenzhou departs at 14:15, what about G2014 departs Luoyang at 17:41 and arrive Zhenzhou at 18:17? (The new schedule! our data is old data, the time is wrong on our website!) Please book any one and let us know the train number by email!
The D124 departs Zhengzhou at 13:40 and arrive Anyang at 15:12! What about D136 departs Zhengzhou at 10:48 and arrive Anyang at 12:22? (The new schedule! our data is old data, the time is wrong on our website!) Please book any one and let us know the train number by email!
The  D135 Anyang 21.22 arrive Zhengzhou 22.57! What about D167 Anyang 17.25 arrive Zhengzhou 19.01?  (The new schedule! our data is old data, the time is wrong on our website!) Please book any one on our website and let us know the train number by email!

If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


question about Peking city center

Subject: question about pekin city center

Message Body:
Dear All,
Greetings from istanbul/Turkey.
i would like to buy high speed train (economic)ticket for 5 Adult 1 child but i would like to learn that how far is the pekin station to the city center? and how much total cost of the tickets if you reply me about the question i’ll be appreciated.


Dear ***,
Here is Subway ( No fast train from Beijing Station to City center!) The Beijing Station is nearby the city center!!!

If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


Bullet Train Tickets

Good evening from Australia,

On Sept 10 I will be travelling on the G13 from Beijing to Shanghai.I have
been told to get the First Class ticket early.

As I will be in Shanghai for oneday on  02 September going to Xian,am I
able to by the FC tickets on that 2nd September at the Railway Staion at
Hongqiao when I arrive. Will that be too late or I buy in Australia before
I arrive?

If I can buy in Shanghai:
how much in RMB for First Class Ticket?
how much for Business Class Ticket?
How long before shoud I buy.

I am looking forward very much to visiting Shanghai especially.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Dear **,
Could you please let me know, you want buy the ticket from Beijing to Shanghai or Shanghai to Xian?
I am little confused with the email!

If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


Astor House Hotel

Happy Easter everyone,

I have been in communication previously with you all. I have been trying to contact The Astor House Hotel through their website but my email keeps returning.

Would you have another email that I may be able to use. I will be staying there for nearly a week and would like to speak to them about various things.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

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Train from Hong Kong to Yichang Hubei

Hi Can you book 6 tickets for train from Hong Kongto Yichang on 21 May in 1st Class?
Please advise price & availability.
Many thanks
Dear ***,
You may take train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and book the train tickets from Guangzhou to Yichang!
Because here is no direct train from Hong Kong to Yichang!
please go ahead with the booking via

If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!