Real-name Tickets Setback Tour Group by Train

Real-name system was firstly implemented for Multiple Unit trains on June 1, which effectively controlled and stopped the action of tickets scalpers. However, the travel agencies that organize tour group to travel by Multiple Unit trains and high speed railway complained incessantly. Although they have stopped the business in Shanghai, they are now actively seeking for coping strategies.

According to the regulation of the real-name system for MU train tickets, passengers should show their ID cards or ID card copies of the person they buy tickets for at the counters. The ID card information of the passengers on train should be the same with that on the train tickets. But to the travel agencies which buy tickets first and then distribute to tourists, the biggest problem is that it’s inconvenient to buy tickets under the real-name system.

Meanwhile, after buying tickets for tourists in a collective manner, the travel agencies also face a series of difficulties, such as ticket return. Relevant person from the marketing department of a travel agency said, “Some passengers may lost their tickets, but it is not allowed to buy tickets for the same train. So those tourists can not go together with the tour group since they can not buy supplementary tickets.” Relevant person from Shanghai Tourist Distribution Center introduced, they had ceased the business of organizing tour group to travel by MU trains and high-speed railways.

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