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I need online booking ticket from shanghai to hangzhou on Des 24,2010 for 4 persons. How should I do for this? thanks

Dear Sir/Madam

Thanks for your inquiry. I’m sorry to tell that there is no maglev between Shanghai and Hangzhou. But there are high speed railway which are also fast. Please find the following table about the information of the high speed railway.

Train Number From To Ticket Price Departure Time Arrival Time Total traveling time
First Class Second Class
G7401 Shanghai Hongqiao Hangzhou RMB131 RMB82 06:32 07:32 1hour
G7301 Shanghai Hongqiao Hangzhou RMB131 RMB82 07:00 07:45 45 minutes
G7403 Shanghai Hongqiao Hangzhou RMB131 RMB82 07:19 08:11 52 minutes

Of course there are other time options for you. Please confirm your departure time and then we can help book the tickets.

Looking forword to your reply.


Shanghai-Hangzhou Maglev Train (Chinese: 沪杭磁悬浮交通项目) is a proposed maglev train line from Shanghai to Hangzhou, to be built by Germany’s Transrapid consortium (mainly ThyssenKrupp and Siemens). Originally planned to be ready for Expo 2010, the controversial project has been repeatedly delayed, but final approval was granted on August 18, 2008. Construction was scheduled to start in late March 2009, with the target for completion having been 2014. According to China Daily as reported in People’s Daily Online on February 27, 2009, the Shanghai government is considering building the maglev line underground to allay the public’s fear of electromagnetic pollution, and a final decision will need to be approved by the National Development and Reform commission. In March 2009, the project was reported to be “suspended”, although it had not been officially cancelled. In March 2010 it was announced that construction will start during the year.

From Shanghai to Hangzhou Train Schedule

Government authorities in Zhejiang province on east China’s seaboard have finally announced that the construction of its section of a much-discussed magnetic levitation train route linking the eastern cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou will go ahead in 2010.

This timing is three years later than the original construction schedule.

Construction of this high-speed maglev project, however, has been postponed time and again amid radiation concerns. It is not clear why the scheme has now got the go-ahead.

In accordance with an action plan of the provincial government regarding construction of key projects for 2008-2012 period, this affluent Chinese province is determined to complete the Zhejiang part of the maglev project in five years starting 2010 at a cost of 22 billion yuan ($3.14 billion).

Preparatory work, including establishment of a special office for affairs related to the maglev project construction, assessment of land acquisition, site selection, as well as study of environmental impact should be done by the end of this year.

The action plan says that the Shanghai-Hangzhou maglev project will now be 199.43 km long, nearly 25 km longer than previously reported. Of the total, 103.55 km will be inside Zhejiang.

Approved by the central government in March 2006, the 35-billion-yuan maglev project using German technology is originally designed to run at a maximum speed of 450 km per hour, of which 105 km will be in Zhejiang. Traveling speed of maglev trains is limited to be no more than 200 km per hour in downtown areas of cities.

In accordance with an early construction schedule, the maglev project would begin construction in 2007, get completion in 2008 and start trial operation in 2009 before a formal operation by 2010, when Shanghai plays host to the World Expo.

The action plan, which was distributed to government departments at lower levels inside Zhejiang over the weekend, also set a timetable for construction of another high-speed railway line, reserved for passenger transport only, between Shanghai and Hangzhou.

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  1. Ming yap


    I’m looking for the new hangzhou to shanghai maglev train that takes 40mins for 4 person on 7/2/11 at about 130pm. What’s the availability and price, how do I book online?

    Can I also book for Beijing to Tianjin on 12/2/11 in the morning?
    Pls advise


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