UN Under-Secretary-General: Shanghai World Expo Brings Human “Green Wisdom” Together

The United Nations Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner said yesterday that the Shanghai World Expo is not only to show the Pavilions that every country built, but also to integrate “Green Wisdom” of all mankind together to practice their inventions and innovations.

After the Shanghai World Expo, the United Nations Environment Programme will publish a “post-Expo assessment report”, which will reveal the assessment of the effect of the “low carbon” measures implemented in the Expo 2010.

Steiner said that the “post-Expo assessment report” will have a study of the influence that the energy saving measures have on the urban life in the future. He said there were “a lot of experimentation and innovation” in the World Expo such as electric cars and hydrogen cars. The public transport system can carry about 500,000 visitors every day. The United Nations Environment Programme is very concerned about these measures’ effect after the Expo.

UNEP will also focus on inspecting how the World Expo reduces and offsets the “carbon footprint”. “We hope all countries will bring their latest energy saving technologies and concepts here, not only to promote China’s development, but also to extend to every corner of the world,” said Steiner.

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