The World’s Largest Container Ship’s “Maiden Voyage” to Shanghai

Recently Outer High Bridge Port welcomed the world’s largest container ship Panamanian “Mediterranean Bettina”, renewing the record of the largest container ship berthing in Shanghai again.

It is reported that the “Mediterranean Bettina”, attached to Mediterranean Shipping Company, was 367 meters in length and 52 meters in width. It is 30 meters longer than the world’s largest aircraft carrier- Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier, and has a deck area equal to the size of 50 standard basketball court.

According to the police in Outer High Bridge Checkpoint, “Mediterranean Bettina” is 67.3 m high, which is tantamount to the height of 20 stories. With a total tonnage of 151,559 tons, the deck and hold can respectively store 7,382 and 6,416 standard containers.

Built in Busan, Korea, it was delivered to Mediterranean Shipping Company on June 8, 2010. After its maiden voyage to Shanghai on July 11, it will mainly sail on the Mediterranean – Europe line. In addition to its huge size, “Mediterranean Bettina” is also the world’s most advanced ocean-going freighter equipped with the world’s leading automatic driving system, so the standard crew is only 21 in all.

As its short stay in Shanghai, Outer High Bridge Checkpoint drew up the entry and exit inspection plans in advance since received the arrival notice, stepped up communication with port and shipping agents, and handled the border entry procedures for the ship at the first time.

The ship has left Shanghai for Ningbo at 6:00 on July 12.

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