Expo 2010: The Final Voting for “The New Seven Wonders of the World”

The campaign of “The New Seven Wonders of the World”, set by New Wonders Foundation in 2007, now entered the final stage of voting. On July 19th, Bangladesh and Palestine were on the canvassing in their pavilion in Shanghai Expo Site, and appealed visitors to vote for their candidate projects.

It is learned that Sundarbans in Bangladesh, the Dead Sea- the Palestinian official finalist, the Masurian Lake, the Maldives Islands and other 24 sites became the final candidates of “The New Seven Wonders of the World”. After about 1 billion ballots, 7 winners will be published on Nov. 11th.

Bernard Weber, the founder of “The New Seven Wonders of the World”, joined the activities of the Bangladesh Pavilion and the Palestine Pavilion, and answered reporters’ questions about the campaign. He also attended the promotion activities of Maldives and Israel before. He will canvass for about 10 countries to call on visitors to protect nature.

It is reported that there will several countries joining the activity. It is seemed that the Expo Site has become the campaign front of “The New Seven Wonders of the World”.

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