Wet Raincoats Cause Inconvenience to Other Visitors in the Expo Park

The inconvenience caused by the rainy day did not reduce the enthusiasm of visitors. In spite of the heavy rain yesterday, there were still nearly 500,000 visitors to visit the Expo. But reporters found that when people visited the Expo Park in the rain, there were still many small civilized details that need to be aware of.

In Yue Jiang Bus Line of Expo, reporters witnessed two men wearing wet raincoat directly seated in the chair, so that the rain drop on the raincoats wetted out the seat very quickly. Even if they got off at the Europe station, other visitors didn’t take those two seats again, only to look at the two wet empty seats left alone. When getting on or off the buses, passengers were also trying not to touch with those in wet raincoat. “Why not take off raincoat to avoid wetting others?” Some visitors complained.

In the Expo Park, more tourists choose to take umbrellas to protect themselves, but when resting, they just directly put the wet umbrellas on the seats. The wet benches only keep other visitors away from the restroom.

To avoid wet umbrellas and wet poncho causing inconvenience to other visitors or wetting room floor, many exhibition halls and restaurants provide one-time umbrella cover at the door, so that visitors can put their wet umbrellas well in the cover before they enter the halls. However, some visitors always take a one-time umbrella cover whenever they visit a pavilion, which is a great waste. “We provided almost 10,000 umbrella covers in the morning. If visitors can bring their own umbrella covers, it’s obviously more environmental-friendly.” German Pavilion staff said.

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