Visitors should be Aware of Illegal Travel Agencies during the Expo Period

As summer holiday is coming, the Expo visit ushers its climax. Some tour organizations or individuals who have no operation qualification take the opportunity to attract tourists to participate in “day trip”. Yesterday, the Municipal Tourism Bureau and the Culture and Auditing Bureau revealed that many travel agencies not only faked signs of the well-known travel agencies, but also imposed the Expo emblem logo.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Lujiazui, Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station, where tourists are concentrated, become the key areas that the illegal travel agencies disseminate their advertisement sheets and directly get the visitors.

During the investigation, reporter found that a man who sent ad sheets claimed that if visitors wanted to visit the Expo Park, they could offer car and tickets with 220 RMB Yuan. When the reporter reminded the price was too high, he stressed, “We send special car to pick you up, and also provide guide for you.” It’s understood that the designated travel agencies only charge around 160 Yuan in all including the Expo Park tickets, guiding, car and dinner. When the reporter asked to sign the contract of travel first, the man began to be aware of something, and then found an excuse to leave soon.

Law enforcement official said that the fake travel agencies primarily attracted overseas visitors who were not familiar with the situation in Shanghai, once the tourists got into their trick trap, they could not find the office address of those illegal travel agencies. The law enforcement department will have clues to further deepen the investigation on the illegal travel agencies, cars, guides and other illegal acts and they will deal with those illegal behaviors according to law. At the same time, they also remind tourists to choose the formal travel agencies to apply for group travelling, but do not believe small ad in the streets.

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