The 2nd France Romantic Wedding was Held in Expo Cultural Centre

Yesterday afternoon, the 2nd France Romance – Tours Wedding in Expo” organized by the French city Tours took place at the spectacular music hall in Expo Cultural Centre.The 2nd France Romantic Wedding

With Tours City Orchestra’s graceful music, the Brides and the Bridegrooms first presented spectacular performance such as romantic rumba, waltz and a beautiful song “Rosy Life” which won much applause from audience. Subsequently, the Mayor of Tours City (M. Jean GERMAIN) acted as their marriage witness and sent his sincere blessings to the four dozen new couples participating in this ceremony, and presented them his autographed Expo wedding certificate and wedding gifts. The president of the French National Heritage Centre Mme. Isabelle Lemesle also attended the ceremony and brought special gifts for each couple.

According to reports, since the first “French Romance – Tours Wedding in Expo” in May 11th, there are hundreds of romantic couples receiving blessings. In future, there will be more wedding events being held here.

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