Taxi Services at Shanghai Pudong International Airport

A taxi costs approximately CNY 150 from Pudong International Airport to People’s Square, the center of Shanghai, and it takes about 50 minutes.

Shanghai has approximately 45,000 taxis, operated by over 150 taxi companies. Several companies have taxis in their own colors. There are seven more popular companies – Dazhong Taxi Company with their cars in sky blue; Qiangsheng with their cars in orange; Jinjiang white; Bashi green; Haibo sapphire blue; Fanlanhong red; and Lanse Lianmeng in navy blue. Of all the taxi companies, Dazhong and Qiangsheng are most strongly recommended.

Taking taxis in Shanghai is more expensive than in other cities. In the daytime, the price is CNY12 for the first three kilometers (1.9 miles), an additional charge of CNY2.4 for every succeeding kilometer within 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and CNY3.6for every succeeding kilometer after 10 kilometers.

At night from 23:00 to 5:00 the next morning, the taxi fare is CNY16 for the first three kilometers, an additional charge of CNY3.1 for every succeeding kilometer within 10 kilometers and CNY4.1 for every succeeding kilometer after 10 kilometers. You can bargain over prices when taking taxis at night.

Whether you take a taxi during daytime or at night, CNY2.1 (CNY3.1 at night) will be added for every five minutes of stop time.

Taxis in suburbs of Shanghai usually charge less. The price is CNY10 for the first three kilometers (1.9 miles) and CNY2.4  for every succeeding kilometer.

Please note the charge will be rounded when you pay and Shanghai Public Transportation Card can be used on most taxis. Anything unreasonable, you may file a complaint by calling 021-63232150 or to the specific taxi company by telephoning the number displayed on the car.

Q:I want to take Taxi/Aiport Shuttle Bus from PuDong International Airport to Hotel Equatrial Hotel. How much it will cost if I take Taxi and/or which route I should take airport shettle to the Hotel Equatorial (the hotel is around Jing ‘An Park)? Many thanks.

A:It costs 20RMb by airport bus about 180RMB by taxi. Take Airport Bus Line 2. Jing’an Temple is the terminal.

Q:How long would it take to go from pudong airport to Shanghai south railroad station by taxi, and its cost? Thanks
A:About one hour. The taxi fare shoule be about 180RMB, I think.

A:Hi,How much is taxi cost:
1. From Shanghai Huangpu Bus Station to Nanjing Rd?
2. From Nanjing Rd to Shanghai World Expo?
3. Can 5 adults 1 infant/child (5 months) use 1 taxi?
A:One taxi can only allow 4 adult and one infant. You need two taxis. Huangpu BUs Station in Nanpu Bridge? It is just very close to Bansongyuan Entrance to the expo. So, you first two questions are similar. I have no idea which part of Nanjing Road do you mean, the east or the west part. I will say People’s Square which is between the west and east parts of the road, about 5-6km. The taxi cost is within 25RMB.

Q:Hi, does anyone know the fastet route from Hongqiao airport to Shanghai South train station. Thank you.
A:The fatest way should be taxi, no more than half a hour via Yan’an Elevated Way.

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  1. Anna

    Hi, If you take a train from Hangzhou to Shanghai, what’s the best way to get to Hotel Yun Paradise on East Fuzing Road from the train station? Thanks

  2. Aon

    I will arrive in Shanghai on Thursday with early flight landing around 6:00 a.m. If I need a taxi to Dorsett hotel at Century Park area, how much it should cost? and where can I get one (if not using airport limo)?
    Thanks :)

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