Spain Pavilion Launches the “Passion of Spain” Dinner and Show

Food, magic, music, flamenco, queue-free visit…… All these are the considerate arrangements that the Spanish Pavilion specially makes for visitors who rushed to visit pavilions in the Expo Park. From 17:00 to 19:00 every day, the Spanish Pavilion’s Concert Hall regularly launches “passion of Spain” dinner and show which cost 298 Yuan. Visitors can buy “Dinner Tickets” in the Spanish Pavilion Restaurant to enter there, and after dinner visitors can also enter into the Pavilion to visit without queuing.“Passion of Spain” Dinner

The Spanish host Borja Vivas has experience of hosting Chinese circus show, whose a few “authentic” Chinese and bold body language draw him and the audience more closely. “Passion of Spain” is a group of outstanding talent show, which is full of passion and humor to decrease the pressure of visitors.“Passion of Spain” Wine

While eating the seafood salad, steak, chocolate cake and other delicious dinner served in the restaurant, magician Jorge Brass, Zahir Circus, Jodi Beltran Theater and Flamenco dancers Agustin Barajas and other performers take turns to perform for visitors. Jorge Brass is one of Spain’s most famous magicians, who constantly tours around the world to perform, and his aestheticism and superb performance fully mobilize the festive spirit in the scene; Zahir circus combines the beauty of acrobatics and the strength of street performances, whose three performers from different nationalities show highly difficult skills with smooth movement; the dancer Agustin Barajas is only 22 years old, his distinctive dance style is full of passion, whose deeply-spirited performance has left the audience a memorable summer night.

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