Puglia Exhibition Hall — Silver “Rotate Tower” Absorbs the Solar Energy

To construct the buildings able to rotate to get sunny solar, and to strive to build Europe’s largest solar water system …… Puglia Chief Executive Nichi Vendola introduced the environmental measures of Puglia on the opening ceremony of the Expo Puglia Exhibition Halls of Italian Pavilion. Rotate TowerInterestingly, its environmental initiative is inspired by the kite that Chinese children like to play.

“We are the leading Italian producer of renewable energy and the largest solar energy producing region. In Italy, we are the first to use wind energy,” Nichi Vendola is proud of the energy use status quo in this area. At present, the region has invested more than 40 million Euros for the construction of related facilities. In his view, the protection of the environment itself is the creation of wealth. Nichi Vendola described, Puglia has IlVA Italy’s largest steel company. In order to show the resolution of environmental protection, the district introduced a Bill to make strictly limit on corporate environmental index two years ago. In just two years, IlVA’s nitrogen oxide emissions decreased from the 9 mg / m3 to 0.4 mg / m3, and grew to be an environmental-friendly enterprise.

In these two days, visitors may find a silver pagoda model in the west side of the hall, which represents the Puglia environmental exploration and creativity. It is called “rotating tower” designed by a construction company of Puglia. Based on the design, its facade will be covered by solar photovoltaic panels, which make the rotating tower no longer need for external energy supply. Each part of the tower will be used as residential and commercial buildings, which can rotate independently to ensure maximum use of energy.

Nichi Vendola revealed that at present, Puglia has one of Europe’s largest urban drainage systems, and city managers are trying to use solar-powered drive on the system.

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