Expo Representatives Experienced Dragon Boat Festival in Shajiabang

Expo Representatives Experienced Dragon Boat Festival in ShajiabangYesterday, Shajiabang the famous town of the Jiangsu Province welcomed a group of special guests from the Shanghai World Expo from over 20 foreign countries. More than 50 museum curators and staff were invited to participate in the celebration of “Happy Chinese Festival — Expo in Dragon Boat Festival”, to experience the charm of Chinese folk culture.

With the organization and invitation of the host venue Shanghai Pavilion, the directors and staff went out of Shanghai for Shajiabang Scenic Area. Foreign guests not only appreciated the performance of A Qing Sao Art Troupe, tasted the self-brewed rice wine, but also learned to make Zongzi so as to experience the Dragon Boat Festival customs and traditions with the local residents.

Exciting dragon boat racing game first attracted the attention of foreign guests. 15 boats which lined up on the rive were ready to go. Foreign friends in a straw hat holding antique paper fan concentrated on appreciating the game. When the four leading boats reached the end first and won the game, a number of foreign visitors even jumped highly, who were even more excited than the surrounding residents.

After watching the dragon boat game, guests were not content when seeing local residents wrapping Zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival as they all were eager to have a try. Although there was the language barrier, the local people enthusiastically and patiently taught the representatives.

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