Expo Female Soldiers Welcome the Tourists with Smile

Last fall, 20 female students from the Shanghai University of Finance went out of campus and joined the army. After the rigorous test and experience for six months, they have become the indispensable support for the Expo. Since the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, the 20 Expo female soldiers together with other 2000 female comrades do a good job in the Expo security position with their iron will and sunny smile.

“In the security position, we are repeating the same action every minute. For every visitor, we are the first staff they meet at the Expo Park, and more the window of the World Expo.”

Smile is a familial expression for us, behind which is the painful practice. These Expo female soldiers welcome the guests from the world and relieve their anxiety, conflict and struggle with smile. “Only in the position can we really understand the reason why we should practice smile, even by biting chopsticks, for so long time every day,” a student named Cao Yunlei said. “Smile is always on our faces. We will persist in welcoming every visitor with enthusiastic service.”

Cao Yunlei, who studied in the Foreign Language Department of the Shanghai University of Finance, also acted as a teacher to teach other soldiers. She said, “Some male soldiers are not good at English, so we take the rest time to teach them the English used in the security-check situation.”

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