Expo 2010: Visitors should be Aware of Heat Stroke

Municipal Health Bureau issued a Health Tip yesterday: recently, the temperature is increasing greatly, so the Expo visitors should beware of heat stroke.Visitors should be Aware of Heat Stroke

According to park medical station’s introduction, heat stroke mostly occurs between 12:00 to 18:00, which mainly occurs in the popular venues’ queuing area in Pudong Area A and Area C. Furthermore, female visitors are more easily to get heat stroke than male visitors.

Health authorities are warning that: when visiting garden in the hot weather, visitors should bring items such as umbrellas, hats and sunscreen to resist heat stroke and sunburn. During the high temperature period from 11:00 to 18:00, visitors should avoid walking in the heated sun. In high temperature, it’s much easy to sweat more, so it is more appropriate to drink mineral water, drinking water provided in the park, or the sports drink with salt. In the hot weather, people tend to be fatigued easily, so visitors should arrange their plan according to their physical capability. As for those visitors who have chronic diseases should bring regular drugs and try not to visit the Expo alone.

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