Expo 2010: Italian Classic Stage Works Debuted in Milan Week

Yesterday afternoon, Italy Pavilion and Milan City government invited the Scala Chamber Orchestra and the little theater of Milan to perform in the Italian Pavilion. From today on, these two Italy’s top performance team will put on Italian culture shows for a week respectively in the little theater of Italy Pavilion, the Oriental Art Center, He Luting Concert Hall, and Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre.

Tonight, Milan’s Scala Chamber Orchestra composed of 20 elite musicians would hold three concerts respectively, especially the first performance of the music work specially composed for Shanghai by the famous cellist and composer Giovanni Sollima who together performed with the orchestra in the Oriental Art Center tonight. On the 20th, Orchestra will give the final performance which will include many popular music works like Vivaldi and Piazzolla’s “Eight Seasons”.

Regarding drama, the worldly classic repertoire “Arlecchino – The Servant of Two Masters” will be acted in the little theater of Milan which is of a history of nearly 70 years. This classic drama will also be showed on 23rd as the closing performance of Milan Week in the Oriental Art Center. The little theater of Milan will also co-produced with Shanghai theater to put on the drama “Six to Find the Author’s Dramatis Personae” written by the Nobel Literature Prize winner Pirandello respectively on June 17, 18 and 19 in the Italian Pavilion at Shanghai Expo and the Shanghai theater.

Italy Pavilion and Milan City Government provide free tickets of these performances for audience. You can log on the official network of the Italian Pavilion (www.expo2010italia.gov.it/en/culture-events) to download the form to apply for free tickets.

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