Expo 2010: Intelligent Robots “PALRO” Can Play Taijiquan

This morning, the intelligent robot “PALRO” which can play Taijiquan (Chinese shadow boxing) and do sumo foot action debut on the JAL stage for the first time in the Shanghai World Expo Japan Industry Pavilion. He conducted an interact show with the popular group Morning Musume’s members Chun-chun, Lin-Lin, Xia Shaoya from Berryz workshops, and Kuju Xiaochun.

Expo 2010: Intelligent Robots “PALRO” Can Play TaijiquanThe intelligent robot “PALRO”, with a height of 39.8cm and weight of 1.6kg incorporates intelligent technology. Designers applied the general electronic components, together with software programming, so PALRO can have the communication ability to have a natural dialogue with human and mobility walking ability. It can also identify people’s face, place and indoor layout. In addition, it’s also able to connect with Internet. Now, its price is nearly 300,000 yen (about 20,000 Yuan) in Japan.

In the subsequent “PALRO” news conference, the curator of Japan Industry Pavilion Akioka Eiko said, “Japan Industry Pavilion expects to give visitors “beautiful”, “cute” and “comfortable” feeling. And the intelligent Robot “PALRO” appeared today is also very small and lovely, so we hope that it will show the concept of “cute” from another angle.

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