Expo 2010: Football Field Acted as a “Part-time” Power Plant

Where will the energy resources come from in the future city? This is the common topic considered and discussed in the Expo 2010. In the Urban Best Practice Area Bremen Case, this German city brought three gaining and management modes of advanced energy. On the sea, a huge offshore wind turbine converts wind into power to provide energy steadily for the cities; and football field has also become a solar energy station to provide electricity for 300 households.Urban Best Practice Area Bremen Case

In the new Bremen Weser football, people will celebrate victory one after another, not only on football, but more on the achievements in the field of environmental protection.

Another highlight of Bremen case is the Weser football model, which shows people how a football field becomes energy sources.

When the old stadium was expanded, it chose a new path. On the top of the football field was installed 200,000 solar panels, so as to transform it into a solar power station. Furthermore, it also becomes Germany’s largest solar stadium that produces 800,000 kilowatts of solar energy each year.

Since the Weser football field became the “power station”, it reduces 500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, which generates the electricity that can be used for 300 families.

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