Expo 2010: Design and Fashion Masters Participated in “Testimonials in Creativity” Forum

Milan has always been known as the capital of leading fashion and design in the world. Influential Italian fashion designer Elio Fiorucci and interior designer Fabio Novembre took part in the “Testimonials in Creativity” Forum held on 17th June, who shared with the attendants their leadership and global influence in the field of fashion and design, art and music. 

At the forum, Fabio Novembre introduced his creative ideas of the exhibits that he specially designed for the Milan Week, and shared his personal experience about how Milan enabled him to climb the peak in the design industry. He said, “Milan is one of the world’s most fascinating cities, which has often brought me new inspiration. The behavior art to be exhibited during the Milan Week got its idea from the explanation of “red line” by German poets, philosopher and scientists. The “red line” represents the meaning of globalization, cross-culture and persistence. I applied the meaning to Milan the city to express Milan’s spirit of ceaselessness and courage.”

The Chairman of Milan’s Ministry of Culture Massimiliano Finazzer Flory said that Milan is the home of many Italian cultural heritages, which has attracted a group of the world’s most famous fashion designers, artists, musicians and Michelin star chef. I hope that visitors can participate in a series of activities in the Milan week to experience and understand the significance of creativity to various fields in Milan.

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