Expo 2010: All the Pavilions to be Equipped with Medical First Aid kit

Yesterday, the Shanghai World Expo held the donation ceremony of medical first aid kit to the exhibitor sections. The Shanghai Red Cross would provide exhibitors provided exhibitors with medical first aid kit as well as all the supplies free of charge through Shanghai World Expo Bureau. The number of the first batch of first aid kit was 180.

Expo organizer introduced that the equipment of the medical first aid kit were on preparation. After equipping with these medical facilities, exhibitors will be able to make urgent and effective response if the exhibition hall staff got injured by accident. In addition, the exhibitor section will become a temporary Red Cross service point to provide emergency service for more visitors.

With the increasingly hot weather, the organizers of the Expo Park also took various measures for summer cooling, for example, add 2000 parasols, set over 50 drinking water points, open the spray facilities, erect a number of shade arbor in front of popular venues, set more medical points in the larger flow areas, and provide emergency vehicles and ambulances, so that provide more detailed personal services for visitors.

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