Expo 2010: “Time-chip” Looking to the 2038 World Expo

In the New York World Expo 72 years ago, a container named “time capsule” which contained a letter that Einstein wrote to human being 5,000 years in the future and a number of items with characteristics of age was buried in a granite hole 15 meters under the Flushing Meadows in New York, which became a well-known foundation of spirit in the World Expo. 72 years later, Chinese people who hold the Expo 2010 will continue this tradition in a similar manner.

According to the news revealed from the press conference held yesterday in the Expo, a “time chip” to record the early 21st century urban life and the prospects for the future city is currently collecting contents from the public. On September 23rd this year, the final shape of the “time-chip” will be sealed up until its open in 2038. In the oncoming Expo Youth Week, some collections will be displayed to the world.

The “Time Capsule and Expectations on Future Cities” activity will collect the items and scenes which may disappear or appear in the next 28 years in cities. These achievements can be presented in the form of video, audio, pictures, animation, text and so on, among which the most representative works will be stored in the “time-chip” with the latest technology. The collection result is expected to be finalized on September 23rd, and then the “time-chip” will be sealed until the re-break seal verification on September 23rd in 2038 (that is the 100th anniversary of the letter written by Einstein to the future).

It is understood that the organizers are looking for babies born from January 1, 2010 to July 30, 2010 in the world and will select 10 “time baby” from them. On September 23rd, 2038, the “time-chip” will be opened by the 10 “time baby” together.

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