City Needs More ‘Sheep Square’

If the Shanghai World Expo will select the “best exhibit,” I will vote for the ‘sheep square’ under the Netherlands Pavilion. Today is hot and it rains in the afternoon. As usual, the ‘sheep square’ becomes the best place that visitor to take a cover from the sunshine or rain.Netherlands Pavilion

The staff of Netherlands Pavilion said, “The design idea of ‘sheep square’ is quite simple. The under area of main exhibition area can be used to resist rain and wind as well as sun stroke, so the designers made full use of that by making this area a grass ground, on which there are a number of sheep-like stools being set to present Netherlands’ developed animal husbandry. This cute and skillful design attracts much attention from the visitors, therefore there are more and more people choosing the “sheep square” to have a rest.

The ‘sheep square’ is not only a public rest area, but much different from those in other pavilions. Visitors who shelter under the Netherlands Pavilion need not to worry about whether it’s sunny or rainy. Most of the stools in the Expo Park are wet in the rainy days, or people have to be in the heated sunshine when sitting there. However, this kind of situation would not happen in Netherlands Pavilion. This is what we should learn from ‘sheep square’. No matter how good the infrastructure or the environment is, practicability is the first concern people should consider.

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