Beckham and Buckingham Palace Guard’s Waxes to Guard the British Pavilion

After the wax figure of “football genius” Wayne Rooney unveiled in the Expo, the British Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo ushered the wax figure of England football star David Beckham. At the same time, the wax figure of Buckingham Palace guard was also erected in the city park in the British Pavilion. These two lifelike wax figures have attracted many tourists to take photos with the handsome “Beckham” and the mysterious “guard”.Beckham's Wax to Guard the British Pavilion

The guard in front of the Buckingham Palace with fur hats in head carrying the musket is full of great momentum of British royal family, while the soccer player Beckham who has superior footwork is the pride of the British. The two wax figures from Madame Tussauds were displayed in British Pavilion, so that visitors can experience the feeling as if they were in the native of England personally and have the opportunity to see the charm of super star without distance.

It is reported that the wax figure of David Beckham exhibited in the Pavilion is to replace the wax figure of Rooney which was displayed there two weeks before. It will station at the British Pavilion during the World Cup, and then will return to Shanghai Madame Tussauds. The “guard” was specifically borrowed from Madame Tussauds, which will station in the British Pavilion until the end of Expo 2010.

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