Athens Archaeological and Cultural Exhibition Presents 3500 Years’ City History

The archaeological and cultural exhibition sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Greece on the theme of “Athens: the lively history”, opened at Shanghai Library last night, which aimed to further interpretation of the theme of Shanghai World Expo “Better City, Better Life” and interpretation of Greece Pavilion’s theme “POLIS: the Living City”. The exhibition will be continued until June 20.

The Secretary-General of Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism Dr. Lina Mendoni said that as a gift that Greece presented to Shanghai World Expo, the exhibition would present an ancient and modern Athens, including her architectural planning and urban development, as well as the perfect combination of ancient ruins and modern city life. The organizer hopes to convey to visitors the idea of retaining cultural heritage in the modern urban space, and combining it with contemporary life, and also to share with visitors the practical approaches with regard to the protection of cultural heritage that Greece has adopted.

According to experts from Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism, over the past centuries, Athens, whether as a national polity and social pattern, or in the architecture and art, especially in culture, has become the most representative model city of Greece. However, over the past three decades, while achieving rapid development, Athens like other international cities is facing a series of difficult challenges to overcome, including further enhancing the scientific city planning, environmental protection, and the level of life quality and so on. Most importantly, Athens is also faced with the challenge how to protect the rich cultural heritage with comprehensive and practical means in the rapid development of the modernization process. Today, this city with 3,500 years of history is seeking a variety of means to integrate the ancient heritage into modern daily lives, so that the old and the new things, the traditional and the modern aspects can coexist to make history as living reality.

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