Anime Pre-selection was Held in Japanese Industry Pavilion

Japanese Animation played a key role in the J stage of Japanese Industry Pavilion yesterday, which also brought the most popularity of the Japanese Industry Pavilion since the Expo Park opened. Yesterday afternoon, the winners of the last world COSPLAY contest got on the J stage, and the China’s pre-selection contest was also held there. Since the Aichi World Expo in 2005, the Japanese anime came into the Expo again after five years later.Anime Pre-selection was Held in Japanese Industry Pavilion

In 2005, the world COSPLAY championship final was held in the Aichi Expo in Japan. Since then, the Japanese subculture “cosplay” has been widely recognized. At 1:30 pm yesterday afternoon, COS-PLAY arrived at the Shanghai World Expo. The Japanese champion of the COSPLAY finals in 2009 and Chinese champion of the COSPLAY finals in 2008 wearing clothing in the animation game posed all kinds of role modeling, which were greatly popular with the audience. And when the world COSPLAY official support and the popular Japanese women idol group SKE48 appeared on the stage, the audience’s enthusiasm was instantaneously detonated.

This time SKE48 sent the three most popular representatives to Shanghai World Expo, each of whom got on stage in cute uniforms. It’s reported that in order to seize the best position in front of the stage, many fans waited outside the Expo Park in early 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning, who directly rushed to J stage in the Japanese Industry Pavilion and stayed there all the time wait for the coming of their idols.

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