“Expo of the World’s Elite Young Grand” Event to be Held in July

“Expo of the world’s elite young grand” event will be held from July 4 to 18 in the Expo Park. More than 30 worldly well-known universities and over 2000 elite young people will gather in the Expo 2010 to perform a great music and cultural feast and interact with Chinese youth in no distance.

Reporter learned that it is the first time that such a large-scaled and high-leveled elite youth music festival and youth elite interactive activity is held in China as well as in the history of the Expo. The World Famous University grand event is jointly organized by Shanghai World Expo Bureau and Fudan University. More than 30 world-famous universities including Yale University, Harvard University, Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Arizona, University of Utah, University of Vienna, University of Sydney, Royal Danish School, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Hong Kong University, University of Macau, etc. get together in Shanghai to present jazz, symphony, chorus, percussion and dance so as to show their countries and regions’ prestigious cultural heritages.

The performances will be presented from July 4 to 18 in Expo Center in Puxi, including the team single-acting, music joint performances, concerts and Western exchanges, study with a teacher, and so on. At present, thousands of music lovers including students have submitted applications to participate in the activities. The organizers selected 600 students from 16 schools from the country to participate in interactive, and many delegations will bring their excellent programs that won the gold medals in the nationwide in the event.

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