Shanghai Train

Shanghai has a few major train stations including:

Self-serve automated ticket booths are prevalent and would likely be the easiest mode of purchasing tickets and checking train schedules for those without an ability to utilize Chinese as the devices have an English mode. Tickets are also conveniently booked in advance at one of the many travel service agencies. There are queues with English speaking staff, although this is not likely outside of Shanghai so it’s best to buy a return ticket at the same time (not only because English won’t be as easy to find outside of the city, but also seats may be sold out if attempting to purchase at a later date). It is advisable to prepare a paper with your destination displayed in Chinese characters if needed or should an itinerary need adjustment. Not all tickets are sold using the automated or staffed methods. For example, for tickets to Hong Kong (Jiu Long) you would need to go to a similar ticket office near the main ticket office. To get there, exit the main ticket office and go left (towards one of the Metro exits and parallel to the train station), the ticket office is just across the road after the Metro exit. You have to pass through a security check to get to the ticket office.


Whether you are seven or seventy years old,
train travel is one of the best ways to experience this great country.
Choosing a destination that you can get excited about is easy when
you look at all the fascinating cities and attractions that can
be reached by CHtrak.  When you take the train your vacation
starts the minute you board.

Accommodation and Fares

There are seven types of tickets that may be purchased

  • First Class Seat (Chinese: 一等座; pinyin: Yīděngzuò) , used for CRH series EMU trains. There are 4 seats per row (2+2), just similar as soft seat.
  • Second Class Seat (Chinese: 二等座; pinyin: èrděngzuò) , used for CRH series EMU trains. Similar as hard seat, there are 5 seats per row (3+2), the sitting area is relatively small.
  • Hard seat (Chinese: 硬座; pinyin: Yìngzuò) is the basic fare, somewhat similar to the economy class on an airplane. On busier routes, passengers who cannot arrange for better seats because of overcrowding must also purchase this type of ticket. In some cases, tickets are sold with no seat assigned (无座, wu zuo), which allows the railway to sell more tickets than there are seats in the car. Still, even the number of “no seat” tickets offered for sale is limited, to keep overcrowding within limits.
  • Soft seat (Chinese: 软座; pinyin: Ruǎnzuò) is one level above the Hard Seat. There are 4 seats per row (2+2), so it has comfortable seating similar to business class on airplanes.
  • Hard sleeper (Chinese: 硬卧; pinyin: Yìngwò) is the basic accommodation for an overnight train. Despite the name, the bunks comfortably accommodate anyone below six feet. Bunks are arranged three on a side in a compartment – indicated by top, middle and bottom on the ticket. But there are no doors for the compartments.
  • Soft sleeper (Chinese: 软卧; pinyin: Ruǎnwò) contains a wider bunk bed in an enclosed cabin, two bunks to a side, and an entertainment system where movie channels are available for viewing through headphones and an LCD display for each bunk. These tickets are usually reserved more than a week prior to departure. Now some CRH series EMU trains also have soft sleepers, such as CRH1E and CRH2E.
  • Luxury soft sleeper (高级软卧包厢 or Chinese: 高包; pinyin: Gāobāo) is the top level sleeper that is only owned by a few trains. The ticket is also much more expensive than that of soft sleeper. It only contains two beds in a cabin, and there is an independent toilet in every cabin. Some of them has a shower cubicle in the car.

The fares are different between trains with or without air-conditioning.

The majority of train tickets in China are thermally printed paper tickets displaying the train’s origin and destination, service number, price, date and travel time, accommodation type, class and seat number, as well as a barcode for security checks. Some tickets on the CRH routes such as Nanjing-Shanghai-Hangzhou or Guangzhou-Shenzhen use machine-readable tickets i.e. tickets on the Nanjing-Shanghai route have a magnetically encoded stripe for future use of automatic ticket inspection gates being implemented at major stations along the route, whilst tickets on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen line have embedded RFID microchips which can be read by proximity readers mounted above the ticket gates.

Most trains feature some kind of on-board catering service. Vendors with trolleys walk through the train selling snacks, drinks, fruit, newspapers etc. On shorter distance trains, there is a cafe-car selling light snacks, tea, coffee, beer etc. whilst long-haul trains have full service restaurant cars.

Smoking is generally not permitted in the accommodation or washroom areas of the trains but is allowed in the restaurant/cafe area and in the vestibules between the cars. On modern trains such as CRH or Beijing Suburban railway smoking is completely banned. On the Guangzhou-Kowloon cross-border train smoking is only permitted in the cafe car.

Getting to Shanghai

Getting Around Shanghai


Q:I am flying to Shanghai and wish to travel south to Vietnam, from there to carry on to Loas. Is there a train that runs that distance, or do I need to get several??

A:No direct train and it is too far away by train from Shanghai to Vietnam. You can take a airplane to Nanning first. Nanjing Railway Station has international train to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Q:Sorry so some body answer me if is possible travel by train from Hefei to Nanjing and how many time I hope spend in this.


A:The fastest train from Hefei to Nanjing only takes about one hour on the way, very convenient.

I plan to go to Yiwu by bullet train from Shanghai South Railway Station. Where can I get the ticket in advance other than from the station? Thank you.


A:You can buy ticket at the Ticket Offices in Shanghai, Ticket Offices at No. 230 of East Beijing Road, No. 1738 of West Beijing Road, and No. 431 of Changyang Road are major ones in Shanghai.

Q:i am arriving via d night train from beijing at shanghai railway station, whats the best way to jw marriot hotel at tomorrow square? Public transport would be okay, how is the fare paied?


A:When you arrive at Shanghai Railway Station, please follow the directions to taking the subway Line 1 and then get off the People’s Square station. The hotel is located in the walking-distacne from the metro station.

Q:i want to travel from shanghai to beijing on the D train does it have a sleeper cabin


A:Yes, the night D-trains from Shanghai to Beijing do equipped with sleeper cabin.

44 thoughts on “Shanghai Train

  1. michael

    I need to go from Shanghai People Square to Yuyao. What train do I need to take and is this a safe form of travel for a first time visitor in China?

  2. brooks Post author

    Yuyao is in Zhejiang Province, not very far away from Shanghai. You can take a train from Shanghai to Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang, and then take a bus to Yuyao.

    Yuyao is near to the nothern of Ningbo city. It is easy to travel from Shanghai to Ningbo by bus through Hangzhou Bay Bridge. Arrival at Ningbo, you can reach Yuyao by a city taxi or a short-trip bus.

    next time if you indicate a city, please indicate province — that will let more people to give you answers…
    like this => Yuyao, Zhejiang…

    Shanghai – Ningbo by train or bus…
    Ningbo -Yuyao by bus…

    By Bus:
    The bus will pass the world’s longest cross-sea bridge——Hangzhou Bay Bridge…
    By Train:

    By Train

    Yuyao Train Station (余姚火车站) offers regular service to and from Ningbo, Hangzhou, and other Chinese cities via conventional and CRH train. Tickets must be purchased in person from the train station ticket counter.

    Stay safe

    Like most Chinese cities, violent crime in Yuyao is almost nonexistent but theft and pickpocketing is fairly prevalent. Staying vigilant in crowded areas and keeping valuables out of exterior pockets will go a long ways towards protecting your belongings.

    Yuyao (余姚) is a city in Zhejiang Province, China. Though off the beaten path for most tourists, the city is a prosperous economic center with a history that stretches back thousands of years.

  3. pizzahann

    For a person who do not understand Chinese and without company, it’s not safe and inconvenient. I suggest you look for a local tour guide, or choose telephone service.
    We provide 24-hour telephone service.

  4. gregg

    i need to go from PVG to ningbo on monday the 28th at 6 am. Is there a way to take the high speed train or is it faster by reg train that morning . please let me know today

    Thank you

  5. brooks Post author

    Hi, Gregg!

    You may take the train number D377 from Shanghai Hongqiao to Ningbo East on 28th, the departure time is 08:08AM! It’s 3 hours by high speed train from Shanghai to Ningbo!

    We can offer the airport transfer service for you from PVG to Shanghai Hongqiao Station and we can book the ticket for you in advance!

    For more question, please visit:



  6. L ing

    Which train station would one go to to go by D train from Shanghai to Xiamen, Fujian Province?

    Thanks for your help.


  7. Dayfish

    I need to Hang Zhou on 15 May (Sun) from Shanghai and return on 18 May (Tue). I stay at Holiday Inn Pudong Hotel. Therefore, may I know how to take the train from shanghai to hang Zhou? Thanks.

  8. brooks Post author

    Dear Sir/Madam
    First, check the schedule on, you may also book the train tickets on it!

    You may take taxi from hotel to Hongqiao train Station 30 minutes in advance!



  9. Herb Klemperer

    We are travelling to Shanghai on 21 August, 2011, staying at Howard Johnson Hotel Chuansha (near Airport) and wish to travel by train to Bund Centre for sightseeing.

    Would you please advise approximate prices or website to view this information.

    Thank you,

    Herb Klemperer

  10. brooks Post author

    1) From Chuansha Station To Nanjing Road (E.) Station By Shanghai Metro Line 2,Then turn to the east 5 minutes!


    Chuansha Station (Chinese: 川沙站) is a station on Line 2 of the Shanghai Metro. It came into operation on April 8, 2010.

    This station is part of the eastern extension of Line 2, which is completed in 2010.

    The station is located in Chuansha Town, Pudong.

    East Nanjing Road Station (simplified Chinese: 南京东路站; traditional Chinese: 南京東路站; pinyin: Nánjīng Dōng Lù Zhàn) is an interchange station between Lines 2 and 10 on the Shanghai Metro. It is located in Huangpu District, under the intersection of Nanjing Road (E.) and Henan Road (M.) in the city center of Shanghai.

    Before October 2006, it was known as Middle Henan Road station. The name was changed according to the new convention to name metro stations after famous streets or sights nearby rather than the vertical street neighbouring the station, making it easier for visitors to find these places.

    The Line 10 section of the station opened in April 2010.

  11. Sirichai Somthongdang

    Dear Sir,

    If I will buy the tickets during the end of december (30 December ),my destination is shanghai to beijing.

    Please let me know that It’s diffical to buy this during time or not.


  12. brooks Post author

    Dear Sirichai,

    In fact, some D-trains are stopped because of the G train!

    I would like recommend you book the train tickets 10 days in advance for making sure you can get the tickets you want!

    Most T train, D train and G train are very popular, you have risk of can not get ticket you want if you book the ticket only 2 days in advance!

    You may book them as early as you can from our website


    Tommy Chen

  13. Sirichai Somthongdang

    Dear Tommy,

    Can you confirm me that when I arrive shanghai,I will get tickets, If I pay you by credit card!

    Sirichai S.

  14. brooks Post author

    There are lots of visitors who leave massenge here, they booked the tickets with us! All of them got the tickets they want! Please trust us!

    We offer the booking service to all around the world! You pay with your credit card, if you can not get your tickets you may ask your bank refuse to pay the payment, right?

    And you pay with PayPal, PayPal is the third party you can trust!

    That why we choose PayPal, too!

    PayPal can keep both buyer and seller safety!


  15. Murphy

    Hi there,

    Need some help here.

    I will be at Shanghai on next week and wants to go to Changzhou, probably which train station should i go?

    And whats the duration for the train trip and cost of the ticket.
    Need some help here.

    Tks :)

  16. brooks Post author

    Dear Murphy,

    This is Changzhou Railway Station!

    Travel Time:30minutes one way!

    There are a lot of fast train from Shanghai to Changzhou every day.

    The train schedule are as following:

    Train from Shanghai to Changzhou

    Which train you would like take, please check with the following link:

    The first class costs 33USD! It’s one hour on the way, from Shanghai to Changzhou!


  17. Resa

    Dear Tommy,

    My family and I will be traveling to Shanghai nest month and will be staying at Heng Feng Rd. Please advise on the nearest train station and which train should we take for our day trip to Hangzhou and Suzhou.

    Also, it is necessary to get the train tickets in advance? Will the train station run out of tickets if we get the tickets on the same day?

    Please advise and thanks.

  18. brooks Post author

    Dear Sir,

    You need book the train tickets in advance, because at the same day it’s too
    difficult for you to buy the tickets!

    Here is the link to book your tickets:

    Shanghai to Suzhou:

    Suzhou to Shanghai:

    Shanghai to Hangzhou:

    Hangzhou to Shanghai:

    You need buy the tickets begin “Shanghai” not “Shanghai Hongqiao”

    Shanghai Station is nearby your hotel locate Hengfeng road!

    For example: G7362 From Hangzhou to Shanghai is arrive the station you want!


    Tommy Chen

  19. Mike


    I will be traveling from Suzhou to Shamghai on October 12, 2011. We are planning to use the train. Are we allowed to bring suitcases on the train with us? Also, when should I purchase our tickets. We will be staying in Beijing on October 8, 9, 10 and in Suzhou only on October 11. Can our tickets be sent to our hotel?

    We will be staying at a hotel near the bund in Shamghai, which station should we travel too.

    Also, is there car service that you recommend we can use to take us from train station to hotel?

    Thank you,


  20. brooks Post author

    Dear Mike,

    Yes, you may take your luggage onto the train!

    We can deliver the tickets to your hotel in Suzhou in advance, you may get your tickets to your hotel in Suzhou! You need take the train to “Shanghai”, not “Shanghai Hongqiao”.

    You may also take the High Speed Bullet Train from Beijing to Suzhou, it’s about 4.5 hours from Beijing to Suzhou:

    We can offer the transportation from train station to your hotel in Shanghai, it’s 80USD, including tax, toll, parking and etc.

    If you have any question, please feel free to let me know!


  21. Karl Brightman

    Hello, I have tried the links above but they are charging $USD 38:00 for a single ticket for travel between Kunshan and Shanghai which is excessive considering the price I’m paying now in China is 19RMB (about $3.00).

    There must be another way of booking a block of tickets in advance without having to pay these prices? I’ve tried the train stations at both Kunshan and China but have been told that I can’t book a ticket in advance until a week prior which doesn’t make sense as it means that I’d have to keep going to the stations to buy a ticket every day for a whole week prior to when I want to travel.

    I have asked at some of the hotel concierges in China and they can get tickets but again only one day at a time and they also want to charge another 90RMB per ticket!

    Any help appreciated

  22. S.K.singh

    I will be traveling from shangai pu dong airport to Ningbo Railway Station, Nanzhan West Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, on October 19, 2011. We are planning to use the train. It is sutable to go through by train. when should I purchase our tickets. Can our tickets be sent to our hotel?

  23. Michael

    Which railway station depart to Huangshan?
    I arrive at Pudong on Jan 24,2012 4pm.
    Can I buy tickets at Pudong?

    What bus station closest to railway atation depart to Zhouzhang on Jan 27, 2012?

  24. michele pisconti

    Good morning
    I am writing from italy
    I should buy a ticket on your website for my colleague from Ningbo to Shangai at 20 april
    Can I use to pay my credit card even if the traveler be another person?
    The ticket is a e-ticket or must be picked up in station’s ticket office ?

    Michele Pisconti
    Milan – Italy

  25. brooks Post author

    Dear Michele,

    You may book it with your credit card, and we will deliver the ticket to your friend’s hotel in Ningbo!

    Please go ahead with the booking via


    Tommy Chen

  26. Eddie


    I am traveling from Shanghai Huaihai road to Central Road, Diankou Industry Zone, Zhuji, Zhejiang(浙江省诸暨市店口镇中央大道196号).

    Could please advise the fastest way? Train plus taxi perhaps?



    Dear Sir
    I want to go from Guangzhou to shanghai by fast train how can i purchase the ticket and whats it price ? how long train will reach Shanghai.
    I am from Pakistan and i will reach China on 16 April so please guide me

  28. brooks Post author

    Dear AAMIR,

    You need buy the ticket at the train station by yourself!

    I am afraid that, the tickets are sold out on 16th!


    If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


    Tommy Chen


    Have tickets ,Shanghi to Hangzhou. We have 4 suitcases and the train info says nothing about baggage. Anyone know about luggage ?

  30. brooks Post author

    Dear Aheiple,

    It’s no problem with take the luggage onto the Train!

    Normally, the staff on the train won’t charge for the extra luggage!


    If you have any question regarding our service, please feel free to let us know!


    Tommy Chen

  31. Wendy

    We want to take the G train from Beijing to Hongquin railway station and then transfer to a local train to get to our hotel on Guangdong Rd in the Huangpu District. Can we buy the G train tickets from you and do we need to purchase the local train tickets in advance. We will be traveling Sept 17th.
    Thank you!

  32. brooks Post author

    Dear Wendy,

    You can book the train tickets with us! According the local subway, you may get it easy at any station in Shanghai!


  33. Helen

    I wish to take a train from Shanghai to Shenzhen on 2nd April 2013, please advise which Shanghai station should I go or which is the best possible way to travel from Shanghai to Shenzhen using the train service.
    Thank you.

  34. Amit

    Hi, I would like to know if trains are operating between Shanghai and Guangzhou if so what is the time taken? Thanks in advance.

  35. Sefi


    je voudrais savoir si les trains fonctionnent entre shenzehen et jiangxi, comment y aller sinon, ensuite de jiangxi à jiangsu? merci d’avance

  36. Nonong Chavez

    Dear Sir,
    We are traveling from Manila to Beijing. And will be traveling onwards to Xingtai City by train. Where can we get our ticket train? Can we book in advance?

    Thank you.

  37. widarto wijaya


    my name is widarto , we plan to go by train (2 person)
    1. to suzhou from shanghai in 5 october 2013 at est 2 PM
    2. to shanghai from suzhou in 7 october 2013 at est 11 AM
    3. to hangzhou from shanghai in 7 october 2013 at est 1 PM
    4. to shanghai from hangzhou in 9 october 2013 at est 1 PM

    i stayed at mariott city centre shanghai from 2 till 5 october 2013, can you deliver me these tickets to the hotel, all are 8 tickets for me and my wife, can you give me the best price, please advice , Thanks.

    best regards


  38. Marco

    Hi I am an exchange studen and will be arriving to Shangahi Po Dong Airport and then travel by train to Nanchang. Which train statation will i have to arrive at and how do i get there?

  39. Carlos

    I arrived to Pudong at 16:00 and I would like to go by train to Yuyao, Zheijian, Is there any speed train I could catch up the same day? and where should I buy the tickets?

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