Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Suzhou

How i can get to Suzhou???? We are arriving at 12:30 pm

Is the Maglev + metro 1 and 2 + Train the best option?How long would it take?


You will be frazzled and exhausted with all those transfers including luggage. Take the airport bus.

and look for Pudong Airport, then Ground Transportation and then Coach Directory. You will find buses leave all day with one-stop service to Suzhou. The site also has a map of where you catch the bus at Pudong.


We took the airport bus from Pudong airport to Suzhou in November 2009.

Follow the signs for long distance buses at the airport and you eventually get to the bus station. The buses are quite regular – about two every hour – I seem to remember. The journey is about 3 hours as the bus goes via the other Shanghai airport (Hongqiao) en route.

The bus fare per person was (I think) about 80 yuan. There are two stops in Suzhou. The second takes you to the centre of the town – Renmin Lu – the main street. The driver will ask you if you want stop one or two as the baggage for each stop is put in a separate hold. Two in Chinese is er.


No, you can hardly rent a car as a foreigner, because the international driving licence is not widely accepted in China. You may take a test in China to gain the right to drive in China. You know, those Chinese signs are a problem to most foreigners…

However, you may conveniently take the long distance bus to Suzhou. Hiring a driver and a car can be very expensive because the driver has to drive back to Shanghai…

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