What is the cost of living in Shanghai China

In Shnghai, beer is about 6 to 10rmb per bottle.Food: Subway, KFC is about 30rmb for a meal.
Clothe is very cheap in Qipu Market!

I think 1200usd is more than enough for your living!

Transportation is very cheap also with subway!




What is the cost of living in Shanghai,i mean a bowl of mee and a can of coca cola cost how much?
How much is the salary of a Bank Clerk in Shanghai?
I am an oversea Chinese ,so i am curious about China?

Long Live China and Long Live the Chinese.

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A 350 ml can of Coca-Cola costs 2 yuan (US$0.30) in Shanghai. The average salary in Shanghai is around 5,000 yuan (US$730) per month plus benefits. Similar prices and wages may be found in China’s other major cities. Wages in China’s second tier cities and rural areas tend to be lower.

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It’s not that you cannot survive on Rmb 2000 or equals HK$2,300, given rent and medical free in Hong Kong, but in HK the retail industry, shopping, dining and so forth is so successful and so abundantly packed in every single corner of the streets that hardly anyone can resist the temptations of not spending any money whenever he/she is away from home. You may control your purchasing urges say within the 1st – 2nd street when you’re out but you can never be able to get away without buying anything or simply having a cup of coffee in the 3rd or 4th or 5th street. Why people in Shanghai can survive with Rmb 2000, the answer is plain simple, they do not buy anything, anywhere. If you stay home and cook 3 meals a day, HK$2,300 on food and veggies alone is more than enough to survive one whole month. Another reason is that Hong Kong people like wearing new and latest fashion, if you go to work or hanging out with a bunch of friends, it’ll make you look awkward if you dress old fashion and shabily. In Shanghai the people in general arent as much concern, many dont mind wearing old shoes and old clothes which in a way helps to reduce their wardrobe budget drastically. Hence it makes more sense to compare the sort of life style and spending habits of the people in similar background, age group between the 2 places as well.

If you compare the most expensive residential housing in HK, say the Peak or Repulse Bay, with those in Shangahi, then Hong Kong surely has much higher value both monetarily and in terms of fair and equal opportunities. But the medium to low residential areas are about the same. Food and clothings are about the same too. Going to cinemas, brand names, jewlery purchasings etc are much cheaper in HK than Shanghai and most places in the world.

Hong Kong’s downtown areas are among the most expensive piece of land on earth due to scarcity and lots of business opportunities concentrated. But farther out in the New Territories and in the outlying islands, the house prices are even cheaper than Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, for example you can easily find a condo in Tin Shui Wai or Yuen Long, New Territories for under HK$600,000 or US$70,000.

It’s sometimes difficult to make a comparison between HK and other Mainland cities though, what Hong Kong offers are 7 million hardworking souls who never would say “NO” to clients/superiors/bosses, the best of all one gets the rule of law, fair and equal opportunities for both men and women, a clean and efficient govt, no need for bribery or “special relationship” to get things done, etc etc which come along in Hong Kong’s price tags and which is worth any price one pays for, at least you dont have to worry being asked for money first before your house’s fire is to be stopped. Recently a Japan TV station rates HK’s Victoria Harbor and the Peak as Asia’s No. 1 skyline, Shanghai’s Bund is No. 6.

The cost of living in Hong Kong is among the highest on Earth. Hong Kong is similar to New York, Tokyo, and Paris in terms of expenses. Shanghai is expensive compared to most of China, but doesn’t hold a candle to the super-premium prices of HK.

A 120 square meter apartment in a typical Shanghai neighborhood costs around 1.5 million yuan (US$220,000). A similar apartment in Hong Kong costs over HK$10 million (US$1,300,000).

Interestingly, McDonald’s value meals cost the same in both cities.

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Housing – 1 br / 1lr or studio, about RMB3,500 per month but could be a bit higher as your stay is short

Transportation – very comprehensive bus coverage with fare of RMB2 / per trip, less well covered and very packed during rush hour for Metro with fare starting at RMB3. Taxi fare starting at RMB11 for 3km and 2.20 / km thereafter. Bicycle rider every where if you are up to, get a second hand for 1-200 and sell it before leaving. you could get a pre-paid card with top up for public transport rather than keeping coins handy

communication – buy a prepaid card to go with you existing handphone, GSM 900 / 1800, CDMA, WCDMA available. unless you make a lot of DDD, otherwise 100 / month should be quite sufficient for local call. For oversea, try to get Skype.

Food – if you enjoy cooking yourself, check out local wet market, 30 – 50 a day would be good enough. Otherwise just eat out or order takeaway at around 20 per meal.

Internet – you apartment should come with ADSL

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10000 is enough if you don’t go to the bars every night or have a expensive girlfriend, if you’re frugal, even 5000 will be enough, but family of 4?…..a little tight to tell the truth, a friend of mine used to rent a apartment with her roommate in a “cheap” area, averagely decorating, the apartment was 46 square meters which cost 1800rmb in total, didn’t include electricity, ac and water though, and it was 2 years ago, so you do the math.

Have a good time in SH, I will be there soon too

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To answer your questions:

>>how much will it cost me for an apartment? food, transportation and other necessities for a female.

– If you’re on a budget you will be able to find an apartment for less than 1000 rmb. I know some Filipinas who are sharing apartments too, and they pay 500 rmb a month (there are lots of filipinas in Shanghai so in many cases there are special rates if you are able to find some of these apartments). But if you’re willing to spend a lot more, there are all types of accommodation to choose from. Expect 1600-2000 rmb per month as soon as you get here though, that’s the easiest to find if you are on a budget.

Consider spending one month living on campus. It will give you enough time to make friends and find a good budget apartment outside campus.

>>I still think which school I will choose. Fudan University, Jiao Tong and Shanghai. can you give me some hints on each of the schools? If there is a filipino who studies there ill really appreciate your help… how much does the semester cost? and other school things?

– Studying Mandarin in these universities can be quite expensive but it’s worth it. But for Fudan, here’s the list of courses and costs: http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/downloads/2010sf… .

I know there are lots of International students out there but I just want to ask if i will not find hard time in dealing with them.. i love to meet new friends across the globe. But 1 big thing on me is I don’t speak much of mandarin. I am studying online lessons but I think it is still hard for me.. can you help me guys… foreigners out there can you give me your experiences..??? please help.??

– Most foreigners come to Shanghai unable to speak Mandarin. So you have nothing to worry about because you’ll find so many people on the same boat as you. In fact, many foreigners live in Shanghai for so many years and don’t bother learning Mandarin. So it’s possible to go around the city without being able to speak the language. Since you speak English, many locals will want to befriend you. So it really opens up a lot opportunities for you.

>>and lastly.. Is it possible for me to work there as a Radiologic Technologist? can I apply on the hospitals there even I’m not yet a good in their language? how much id the minimum salary??? sorry for too many questions.. xie xie!! zia jian…:-)

– If you have 0 years work experience since you’ll be graduating this year, I would have to say it will probably be a bit too early for you to be considered. You won’t necessarily need to know Mandarin (there are many doctors and specialists who don’t speak Mandarin) but you will need to have many years of experience.

Many Filipinas living in Shanghai eventually leave their field of work and choose to do other things. If you want to continue living in Shanghai after your Mandarin course you could always choose to do something else like teaching English (lots of money in this). But this won’t be so easy because no matter where you are in China, when it comes to job positions white people are prioritized.

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Cost of living in shanghai is increasing rapidly, but is still a lot cheaper to than Singapore, Hong Kong or Taipei.
By 2009, 1 USD is still than more than 7 yuan. U can get a decent apartment, 75m2 , within walking distance to metro station for 3500 yuan/month. 

Rental of a 2 bedroom apartment, likely to be 7000 yuan per month. Rental exclude utility bills, but these expenses are rather insignificant.

There are many property agents that are very professional, who can get you a place wthin your budget, for a fee of 35% of one month rent.

The key problems is U have to stay away from where other expatriates live, which tend to be very expensive.

Shanghai is much safer than US cities, and she is repaidly developing the metro network, so u can live slight far away from down town area.

Restaurant serving local food is cheap, metro (2- 5 yuan) and bus(2 yuan flat) are mostly new and air-conditioned, but the are extremely croweded. Taxi starts 11 yuan/3 km or 14 yuan after 11pm.

Unless u insist on products of international brands which are dearer that elsewhere, otherwise shanghai has everthing u ever need.

4 thoughts on “What is the cost of living in Shanghai China

  1. Greg

    I am a professional architect considering moving to Shanghai. The cost of apt. rental in your blog varies from1,000 rmb to 7,000 (2 bd rm). I would be looking for a nice (new’ish) apt in a good area. I have designer taste. How much would I expect to spend a month on rent and until?

    Also I have 20 years experience and am looking at a Senior level design director position. Any ideas on base yearly salary?

  2. Dr. Kaushal Kishore

    I would like to work in Shanghai for about two years in pharma areas. What would be the salary for Senior Manager/Associate director? How much affordable cost in living with moderate suitution? I am little interested in track & tours in a month. How costly is school for two children? I would like to stay with family(4)?
    With these aspects can you give me the cost of living as well as about whether climate throughout year.

  3. Kalpesh Agarwal

    I am getting an offer for job in SHanghai..with a family of four.. What should be salary for mid level manager in USD.


  4. Anandhan Sampath


    i have 4 years of work experience and I have got a job as a senior “quality assurance” in shanghai, my salary is about 15300 yuan pls suggest me the cost living in shanghai and how much i can save a month

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