Time and fare needed for taking a Taxi from Shanghai Pudong airport to Shanghai city center

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Time and fare needed for taking a Taxi from Shanghai Pudong airport to the city center?

Hi all

I will be going shanghai soon but this is my 1st time. SO i will like to know what is the time needed to travel from shanghai pudong airport to the city center. i will also like to know the approximate cost of the taxi fare to the city center. thank you very much

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Try the new maglev train from Sha-Pudong Airport to the city. Great train! i don’t know exactly the price…. but the train like TGV.
The maglev will take you part of the way into the city, but may not get you exactly where you want to go… your best bet is taking taxi, however, the cab drivers will try to get as much money out of you as possible – especially if you tell them it is your first time in Shanghai!! A cab ride should NEVER cost you over $20 US….. 160 kuai is a pretty steep price to pay for a cab ride, but then again it depends upon where you are going…..by city center, do you mean somewhere near the Bund? or closer to Pudong? If you are going to the Puxi side, then 160 kuai is the MOST you should spend. Haggle with the cab driver before you get into the cab. Never take their first estimate. Someone behind them will always go lower if you tell them that you just rejected the person ahead of them, or if they overhear your conversation they might just offer you a cheaper price anyway. If you absolutely cannot get any cab driver to go lower than 160, then take the best offer you can get, but make sure to haggle before you get into the cab!! The last time I went from Shanghai Pudong airport to the city center, I paid a little less than 100 kuai (RMB). Depending upon where you are planning to stay, it could be more or less.

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