Hong Kong International Airport Connecting flights: Shanghai-Hong Kong-Bangkok

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Hong Kong Airport Connecting flights: Shanghai-HK-Bangkok?

I’ve been to HK Intl Airport a few times but never had to plan a close connection between international flights before.
I’m flying from Shanghai to HK on Shanghai Air, to connect to a Thai Air to Bangkok. The Thai Air flight is already set for 8:40 PM flight, and I’m trying to figure out how much time I need to connect.
There’s a Shanghai Air flight arriving to HK Intl at 5:40pm, and one at 7:35pm. (Also a China Eastern arriving at 6:45pm, but i won’t get FF miles for that) Shanghai Air and Thai Air are both in Terminal W1, according to the HK Airport website.
Is the 7:35pm arrival on Shanghai Air cutting it too close for an 8:40 departure on Thai Air if I only have carry on?
(And in any case: If I only have carryon luggage, will I need to go out of the security area?
If I can stay inside the W1 security area, Is it possible for me to get my boarding pass to my connecting Thai Air flight at the gate?)
Thanks in advance to all you HK savvy fliers.

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flights depart fr Shanghai hv frequent delay. so u better play safe & arv HK either at 540pm or 645pm to catch ur next flight to Thai 840pm. the 1 arriving HK 735pm is 2 risky. u cannot make it. n transit in HK is convenience & quick. W1 should be at the same zone. if u hv spare time wandering in the HK airport. no worry! we hv many shops there duty free + many restaurants. u can even do a foot massage or sthg there.
HK International Airport minimum connecting time is 1 hour. You should have enough time if you take the 8:40 flight.

Arriving into HK, you will have to go to the transit desk (the arrival level) to check-in for your flight to Bangkok and get your boarding pass. After that, from arrival hall to departure hall (one floor above), there’s a security check point where you have to get your bags (hand-carry) x-rayed.

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  1. Raju

    I am travelling from Mumbai to Nanjing on 5th June, 2011. My Jet airways flight reaches Hong Kong at 0925HRS. The connecting flight, China Eastern, to Nanjing is at 1120 HRS. There is no through baggage arrangement between jet Airways and China Eastern. So I need to collect my baggage, which must be after the immigration point. My queries are: do I need to take a Hong Kong transit VISA to cross the immigration point? How much time would it take to do this? After this process I need to collect my baggage and do an immigration once again before taking my China easter flight. How much time would all this take. I would be travelling with a China VISA taken from India.

  2. brooks Post author

    Dear Raju ,

    Thank you for your email. We would like to inform you that the immigrations service is regulated by the Hong Kong Immigration Department. If you wish to get more information about visa application of entering Hong Kong, you may refer to the website of Immigration Department via the following hyperlink or contact the department directly.


    We would also like to inform you that passengers’ check-in service is directly operated by airlines or their handling agents. Should you wish to check up the check-in time of your flight, you may contact your airline. The contact details of airlines operating in Hong Kong can be found via the following website.


    We hope this information would be helpful to you. Once again, thank you for writing us.

    Yours sincerely,

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