Shanghai World Expo Service for Visitors

Service for Visitors

During the Expo, services to visitors include information inquiry, deposit of personal articles, visits reservation, renting, tour guide, lost children information and other services to those with special needs.

Information Service

Information offices will be set up at entrances of the Expo park to serve the visitors for their inquiry of information about the pavilions, activities, time schedules and locations, as well as weather, city traffic, hotels, and restaurants. Visitors may give their comments and complaints at the information offices. 1

Deposit Service

Visitors may deposit their personal articles at the depositary counters and self-service terminals at entrance areas and specific areas within the Expo park.

Reservation Service

Reservation service will enable the visitors to book some pavilion exhibitions, performances, activities and forums. By using the tickets, visitors may reserve a table in the restaurants, as well as the sing language and baby care services.

Direction Service

Specific fixed/unfixed-point service staff will be provided at pavilions, road crossings, and the Elevated pedestrian walk ramp connections to serve the visitors for their inquiry of information about the location of and route to pavilions and other facilities. These service staff will also assist in shunting the pedestrian flows, receiving and searching for lost children, and receiving and responding to requirements for help.

Rental Service

Some specific articles will be provided for rent to satisfy the visitors who have special needs. Such articles include baby carriage, wheel chair, wireless information terminal, self-help on-site guide system, electronic map, charger for personal digital products, etc.

Lost and found Service

Visitors shall register at the lost and found office as required, and claim their belongings that others find.

Tour guide Service

Tour guide services will be provided to group visits, which fall into two categories, general and VIP. Service languages include Chinese, English, French, Japanese, and Korean, etc.

Children Service

It will take care of and search for lost children under age 14. Specific rest areas will also be available for visitors to take care of their babies.

Lost children Service

It will receive, search for and take care of lost children under age 14. Lost children information will be published.

Baby care

Specific rest areas are available for visitors to take care of their babies.

Special Service

It will provide specific facilities and equipments, and professional staff to serve the elderly, the weak, the pregnant women, and the disabled. Services include the provision of wheel chair, Braille manual or guidebook, sign language service, and specific rest areas for the weak and the pregnant women.

Public health and medical Service

It will provide the visitors with regular medical services and public health instructions, to prevent any potential hazard that may jeopardize the public health. In case of emergency, proper measures shall be taken to control and eliminate the hazards as well as to minimize the possible casualties.

Weather Service

It will provide regular weather information, especially for the days when some important events and activities are planned to be held. In case of possible disastrous weather conditions, forecasts and pre-alarms shall be issued in a timely manner.

Post Service

It will provide mail services to visitors, including issuance of the Expo commemorative stamps.

Communication Service

It will provide the visitors with 24-hour communication services, featuring high quality, reliable, multi-mode, and customized.

Financial Service

Financial services include money deposit and withdrawal, foreign currency exchange, and coin change to be provided at the counters or self-service terminals.

Catering and shopping Service

Catering service facilities include regular restaurants, fast-food restaurants, cafes, and teahouses. Some Expo-licensed products, art wares and souvenirs will also be on sale in these facilities.

Multimedia self-help guide system

With the guide system on hand, visitors may have a free travel within the Expo site, visit the pavilions, take part in on-site activities, and have access to service facilities. The multi-language system will enable the visitors to enjoy corresponding introductions while walking and/or looking round at pavilions and other scenic spots.

Mobile phone tour guide system

By using the GPS cell phone and its wireless positioning system, visitors may locate themselves and their destinations, and search for information of traffic, catering, shopping and many other service facilities in perimeter areas.

Mobile phone tracking tool

Use the GPS cell phone to find target persons, particularly the elderly and children, who wear the mobile tracking tool with one-button transmission function. In case of lost, the target person may send a signal to the correlated cell phone by simply pushing the button on the tracking tool, which will help the cell phone owner locate the lost member in a timely manner.

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  1. Bola Bakar

    we whould like to attend the expo in November 2010, We have a construction Company (SHAPEFIELD LIMITED) Situated in Nigeria. We are interested in Construction machines and equipment. How do you assist on collection of Visa or what are your requirement to obtained Visa in Nigeria . we have been to US, European countries and even Hong kong. Bola Bakar

  2. irene marri

    I need a wheelchair or electric moover for my husband. where and how long before for rental? Thank you

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