From SHANGHAI to BEIJING Train Schedule,train timetable

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Online Book

Train No. From To Dep.(shanghai) ↓ Arr.(beijing) Travel Time
Class Seat

Class Seat

D30 Shanghai Beijing South 07:19 18:18 0d10h59m - ¥409/$61 ¥327/$49
D234 Shanghai Beijing South 08:21 19:00 0d10h39m - ¥538/$80 ¥448/$66
D232 Shanghai Beijing South 08:26 19:10 0d10h44m - ¥538/$80 ¥448/$66
D32 Shanghai Beijing South 10:31 20:48 0d10h17m - ¥409/$61 ¥327/$49
T282/T283 Hangzhou Baotou 19:15 11:24 0d16h09m ¥499/$74 - -
D308 Shanghai Beijing South 21:10 07:19 0d10h09m - ¥409/$61 ¥327/$49
D306 Shanghai Beijing South 21:15 07:24 0d10h09m - - ¥327/$49
D302 Shanghai Beijing South 21:20 07:29 0d10h09m - - ¥327/$49
D314 Shanghai Beijing South 21:25 07:34 0d10h09m - - ¥327/$49
D322 Shanghai Beijing South 21:35 07:39 0d10h04m - - ¥327/$49
T104 Shanghai Beijing 21:58 11:17 0d13h19m ¥499/$74 - -
T110 Shanghai Beijing 22:04 11:23 0d13h19m ¥499/$74 - -

Data and information herein are based on the latest timetables available and provided for informational purposes only. For any discrepancy, please take as standard the real time info issued at the rail station.

Online Book

Online Book

4 thoughts on “From SHANGHAI to BEIJING Train Schedule,train timetable

  1. Sirichai Somthongdang

    Dear Sir,

    I am Thailand. I will travelling to shanghai on December 30,2011.

    I heard that the T-trains has stopped operation,when G-Train(high speed train)has started operation.

    As above mention, it’s true right?

    If I will book in advance just 2 days before departure. I will can buy a ticket or not?

    Thanks for your reply.

    Best Regards,
    Sirichai S.

  2. brooks Post author

    Dear Sirichai,

    In fact, some D-trains are stopped because of the G train!

    I would like recommend you book the train tickets 10 days in advance for making sure you can get the tickets you want!

    Most T train, D train and G train are very popular, you have risk of can not get ticket you want if you book the ticket only 2 days in advance!

    You may book them as early as you can from our website


    Tommy Chen

  3. Jorge Echavarria

    I am from Mexico, I will be traveling from Shanghai to Beijing with my wife. I would like to know if I can buy 2 tickets for a Private cabin for both of us and how much it would cost. Our traveling will be on September 25th… thanks a lot for your quick response.

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