Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road


The hundred-year-old Nanjing Road: there are two marbled screens in the east and west side of the street with six Chinese characters on it, which were personally inscribed by Chairman Jiang Zemin and read “Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road”. This pedestrian street, built on the 50th anniversary, is another beautiful new urban landscape in shanghai.


Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road is west to middle Xizang road, and east to middle Henan road. Walking on the street, you can not only walk in the shopping stores for shopping, but also can look at the Shanghai No.1 Department Store (the original “Daxin CO., LTD”), Yong’an Commercial Building, Shanghai Fashion CO., LTD (the original “Sincere CO., LTD”) and Shanghai  First  Provision  Store (the original “xinxin CO., LTD”). These “Top Four companies” assume both the past and the present of Nanjing, adding another kind of charm to the hundred-year-old street with tradition and modernity interlaced with each other.

The Shanghai No.1 Department Store is located at the junction of Nanjing east road and middle Xizang road. As one of the best buildings in Nanjing road before liberation, it is still a symbol of shanghai commercial culture and one of the most famous department stores in china for decades, although it no longer represents fashion and vogue.

Rickshaws, incense shops, ads of “beauty” cigarette disappeared, Shanghai lady with hair swept up and dressed in cheongsam disappeared, even the ever illustrious “Sincere” was also changed completely, which are replaced by colorful brick stones, unified kiosks, different kinds of vogue shops, bustling crowd, cute little sight-seeing trains, urban sculptures with delicate design and so on.

What are equally striking are the sight-seeing cars on the street. They consist of many dreamy little carriages, which are covered with elaborate patterns of variously colors. Boarding on the cars you can hang out as if you are in toy cars.

The street is ended at the corner of Henan Road, and is east to the bund of Nanjing East Road. Then visitors seem to go into a strange but familiar time, which looks like the British streetscape under the pen of Dickens. Narrow streets, high rectangular buildings, gray walls and shutters, high ceilings, pointed roofs and each building recount a complicated story. Shrouded in mist by sunset, they are yellow streetscapes with indescribable romance air which is characteristic of 1930s and 1940s.


By the sight-seeing car in Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road.

Operation time: 8:00-22:30. Ticket price: RMB 3.


If you want to raise efficiency, you can roam the Nanjing Road most bustling section of Huanghe Road and Middle Henan Road, where includes many famous shops such as the Shanghai No.1 Department Store, Yong’an Commercial Building and New World Department Store. You can enter New World Department Store directly from subterranean passages in the People Square Station of Shanghai Subway No.1 and No.2 Line, and enter the Shanghai No.1 Department Store and Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road after passing through the pedestrian subway of Middle Xizang Road. Without heavy traffic, you can enjoy shopping, recreation and delicacy cozily. In the east of the street, it is Nanjing East Road Station, and you can go to Lujiazuo (the Oriental Pearl, Jinmao Plaza) in Pudong by Subway No.2 Line, or return to another supper business district in Nanjing West Road –Westgate Mall, Citic Plaza and Henglong Plaza.

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