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Jing’an Temple Fair, originated from the annual Buddha’s Birthday, began in Guangxu 7th (1881) and ended in 1963. On Buddha’s Birthday— the eighth day of the forth month of the lunar calendar, many businessmen and visitors came here. For many decades, the Temple Fair has grown markedly, thus can be ranked as the commercial source of Jing’an District. With the development of the city, the Temple rented its land for commercial housing and alleyway housing constantly, thus the district became brisker day by day. By 1930s, the Jing’an Temple market was beginning to take shape, and has been one of the main commercial centers in shanghai now.


Jing’an Temple is a famous Shingon shu ancient temple in shanghai, for which Jing’an District is famous. In 1999, the temple was renovated on a large-scale. It has Shingon shu Mandala, Shingon shu Trantric Master Chisong Memorial Hall, as well as the Stone Tablet subscribed by Emperor Guangzong, the Big Ben of Hongwu 2nd and other relics.

It is said that the temple was built in Wu Chiwu 10th years at the time of the Three Kingdoms (A.D. 247), and transferred to its current location in Jiading 9th of Southern Sung Dynasty. Though it is repaired for many times after Yuan Dynasty, it was still overthrown in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, with the Large Buddha Hall left only. In 1921, Sansheng Hall was built. And two side-halls of the temple have been remedied so far.

Tickets: Free.

Opening Hours: 7:30-17:00, Time to offer incense to Buddha: 4:30-17:00.

Address: No.1686 West Nanjin Road, Jing’an District.

Transport: By subway Line 1, stop at Jing’an Temple Station; or by bus 20, 37, 57, and 76.

Tel: 021-62566366.

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